Saturday, 22 November 2008

They're clearly made up by the work experience person, but still...

...horoscopes sometimes just ring true.

I'm quite cynical about the whole starsign thingie. Like when you read your horoscope in the paper, and go 'Oh my god, spot on! That's just like my situation!', clearly chances are if you looked at the one next to it you'd be able to apply that to your life in some way too.

Nevertheless, like the wistful sucker I am, I read them if only to entertain myself for 5 seconds.

Of all the papers and magazines I trawl through each month, it's The London Paper which has got it bang on the nose the last few weeks. Which is strange, because what with it being a free paper n all, you'd think it'd be a load of (excuse my French), Bollocks. And it probably is.

However, so close to the mark they are on a day to day basis, I've started cutting them out and sticking them in my diary. Take one from the middle of the two week break, "If you're feeling a little emotional about certain aspects of life at the moment, let it out. And don't worry about having to tell close friends that you've been chopping onions, because they understand more than you might think". General? Yes. Relevant? Very.

Last night, as I got the tube home feeling happy about the day I'd just had, the commentary on Jo's life continued.

"A parting of the ways with another isn't always a positive thing - but one particular ending in your life just now is going to bring you more freedom and happiness than you currently realise. Yes, Virgo, it really is. Whatever's drawn to a close, a new door is about to open in the most unexpected of places"

Given all that's gone on lately, it just made sense. Especially because yesterday a huge whopping great big door did open. Not in the form of a new boy (although my eyes have been drawn to an Office Hotty of late) but career / job wise. Earlier in the week I saw an ad on a PR / Journalism job site, got excited about it and sent off an article and my CV. Two hours later, I got a phone call, and yesterday, after a meeting at lunch, all was agreed.

Would I have gone for it a month or two ago? Probably. Would I have thrown myself into it, made myself completely available and devoted my time to researching and writing, without feeling that I should be doing something else? Never. The opportunity came and for the first time in ages, whatever it leads to - travel, busy weekends, events, or just hours in front of a computer researching - I'm free and willing to do.

With office parties and lunches happening every week from now until Christmas, a new part time internship which is streets ahead from resident tea maker at a local rag -whatever the stars say, things are looking up. Bout time too.


Hannah said...

Yay! Congrats on the job! (Oh, and I've had some freakily relevant horoscopes in the London Paper in the past couple of weeks. Erk.)

rosiewishes. said...

Congratulations about the new job!

Have you read PS.I love you? They have a horoscope meeting at the magazine where she works - they sit around and make it up each month. I reckon it'd be quite fun!

arbyn said...

Sounds really exciting.

I'm very happy for you!

theperpetualspiral said...

Woohoo, well done! Onwards and upwards :)

Blue soup said...

Ooh, that horoscope could relate directly to me leaving my job! :)

And congrats on the new job - is it my old one? ;) xx

Clarissa said...

I've been an addict to the Times' horoscopes in the Sunday Style Magazine. Same thing as you: I don't really put stock into them, but sometimes they freakishly ring true. The Mista thinks I'm a freak.

Woohoo! on the new opportunity!

xx, c

Reluctant Blogger said...

Excellent news career-wise. Good for you. Some people would have just gone into shut-down mode but you haven't. I'm well-impressed.

I don't believe in horoscopes either. But yes, I've had some eerily apt ones. The day I went to meet Tracy for the first time, my horoscope said "today you will meet for the first time someone you have only ever spoken to online."

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Hannah - Thank youuu. The londonpaper is certainly on the money at the moment..

rosie - Haven't seen that film, but think it might ruin the whole horoscope illusion for me!

Thanks arbyn and perp!

bluesoup - But let me guess, you're a completely different star sign? And by god, I hope it's NOT your old one ;)

clarissa - Thats the thing, I'm aware they're all probably a load of crap, but I just cant help scanning them in the paper!

Reluctant - Oh thank you. and Woah, that's pretty strange. Unless there was a big facebook style flash mob gathering of people of your star sign and the horoscope writer caught on. You know, "Taurus' meet eachother in London! Be there" type thing. No? No.

I should add, this is only a part time unpaid thing...but luckily my current job has agreed to drop my hours so I can still have some money coming in from the PA work.

pink jellybaby said...

huzzah! well done you!
I cut out and stick things too (from magazines) apparently this is odd :(

weenie said...

Woohoo - nice one and good luck!

I'm a 50:50 believe of stars/horoscopes - often, they seem to be uncannily accurate, other times, just waaaay off!

Sounds like the stars were just right for you! Congrats!


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