Thursday, 20 November 2008

Bad Wednesday, Good Thursday.

It must have been all the excitement of World Toilet Day, either that or the large glass of Pinot Grigio consumed in the pub after work, but I had a bit of a close call last night. My mouse cursor was hovering a little bit too close to dangerous, shark infested waters on facebook. I was bored to the point of a 9pm bedtime and checked 'online friends', where I saw the one person I can't talk to sitting there getting on with his life. That familiar 'OH THIS IS SO BLOODY STUPID' feeling struck me. Luckily a text message to the tune of "Help. I'm lapsing" was sent in the nick of time, and a phone call which began "Jo - get OFF facebook. NOW. Move AWAY." was received from a friend who lapses more frequently than I do. I did as I was told and put on another episode of Sex and the City. Thank god for that boxset. Best £50 I've ever spent.
I'm feeling a little better today, those of you following my daily updates on twitter will know that I discovered listening to sad songs on the train to work is NOT, I repeat NOT a productive way to start the day, particularly if you're feeling a bit dans le dumpage anyway. But in defence, they never used to be sad songs. Like I don't know if "At The Zoo" by Simon and Garfunkel can be considered sad to anyone else apart from me, but there you have it. Some of my favourite songs now make me feel sad.
Enough wallowing. Thursday is shaping up to be a good day. Tonight I am heading to Somerset House with my team at work for a bit of office bonding and bruising on the Christmas ice rink. I will attempt to look all Christmassy and dainty like an ice fairy and have chosen my tightest pair of skinny jeans for the job, and will be hurling myself at full speed into as many loved up, skating couples as I can find. Woooooooopsie!


pink jellybaby said...

oh well done on the crisis call!
and i'm jealous of you going ice skating. not that I can skate at all but it sounds like wintry fun!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Good that you resisted. You would have had to start over at square one.

At The Zoo is, as far as I can tell, about the zoo. Is there a deeper meaning that escapes me?

I was at the Courtald Galleries in Somerset House in September. What a beautiful venue for an ice rink. You are a lucky girl!

Mjohnson said...

Last year me and a colleague went to Somerset House ice rink one lunch time, as spectators. We both picked a man as the next to fall over for a sportsman’s bet. When my colleague’s runner came in, by falling over spectacularly and painfully, a couple of feet away from where we were standing, I’m afraid my colleague cheered loudly and we both laughed a bit too loudly and obviously at him.

surviving myself said...

Knock them down with all your might. Then stand above them and say, "I guess your love couldn't withstand that, huh?"

I think that'd be pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Phew, close call indeed!

There are a couple of songs, that even 10-12 years afterwards I still can't listen to. I think they are destined to always be sad now.

Hannah said...

Oh, Facebook is just EVIL, isn't it? Well done you on abstaining.

rosiewishes. said...

I, on the other hand, was far too drunk to realise what a bad idea it would have been and sent a "miss you x" text to the ex. Bad move.

So well done you for not doing it!

Someone in my town thought they'd pretend we're London... Next weekend they're installing an ice rink. But this weekend, they're installing a toboggan run?!?!


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