Wednesday, 19 November 2008

There is a distinct lack of blog support for NATIONAL TOILET DAY

I'm 100% ipso facto geronimo not making this up

Today, if you are not already aware, is none other than WORLD TOILET DAY.

I say "If you are not already aware" because my company seems to be championing the cause, with messages on the intranet every day for the past week and an email going round first thing, along with signs tacked to the toilet doors in our office.

As far as I know it's soommemeeething to do with people in the third world who don't have toilets. Or water. Or sanitised places to take a poop. Or something.

I'm not too sure, I just like the sentiment of celebrating what our internal emailer called "the humble, yet vitally important, toilet".

To do my bit I have been monitoring the usage of our office toilets today, mostly because it's World Toilet Day and mostly because I have little else to do and I sit opposite them. I have discovered that some ladies in this office go to the loo A LOT, and one was in there for like half an hour earlier. Serious. What a man beast. I was well curious because I went in and the other door was locked, then 20 mins later I went back for a tissue and it was still because it's World Toilet Day and I wanted to see what dirty woman was committing the cardinal sin of pooing, I kept an eye out and then she came out (eventually) clutching a report of some sort. And she wasn't even ashamed!

All praise toilets, the only place you can go for a bit of peace and quiet round here.


So what have you done today to celebrate? How many times have you been? What's your FAVOURITE thing about the toilet?

Don't be shy, it's World Toilet day woooooooooo!


pink jellybaby said...

I have been three times, just for a wee. Maybe i'll clean our toilet to celebrate...

Elaine said...

Wow. I've been three times too...just for a wee. Do you think me and pink jellybaby may be related? Get her to tell me when she has a poo, will ya?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Holy CRAP you two (see what I did there). That's WEEEally amazing


I think I've been three times too!

Do you think that's the national average, or are is it because subconsciously we know it's toilet day?

weenie said...

Happy Bog Day?

4 times for me. Just for a wee.

If I desperately need a number 2, I use the toilet on the ground floor - only a handful of women there so less chance of someone walking in and disturbing the peace, as it were...

Anonymous said...

That woman is a genius. Not only did she get paid for a 30 minute poo. She also cleverly disguised where she'd been by walking around with an 'important piece of paper'. Maybe it was instructions on how to use the toilet? Either way, not bad work if you can get it.

I've been 5 times today. Beat that! If I'm in there for a while I play the games on my phone. If I'm in work I'll spend longer than I need to in there to finish off the little section of the game. Pooooeeeee!

Also...I'm not sure if its slight OCD or 'just something to do' but I always, always make the toilet roll roll out closest to me rather than roll out down the wall - if you know what I mean. Work, home or other peoples toilets, I'll switch it round.

The fun is endless...


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