Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Has it come to this? Yes. Yes it has.

Yesterday I excavated the depths of boredom.

Without this blog turning into too much of a yawn fest (yours and mine), it's impossible to refer to my life at the moment without mentioning it.

"It" being the stupendously mind-numbing way that I spend the hours of ten til six every day. Aside from the occasional Z-list encounter where I fire a series of the most ridiculous questions I can muster at a "celebrity" (I use the term loosely) and record the answers - my working life has become the last word in dull.

Put it this way. The high point of last week was when I found a slinky on a desk. Enamoured with my find, I yelled "LOOK! SLINKY!" across the office. At which point me and a work companion ran - RAN - through the doors and into the stairwell.

"I'll wait at the bottom!!!" she cried, leaping with fervour down a flight of stairs.

There on our respective floors we crouched. Two twenty six year old professionals in the echoing back passage of an office block, eyes glistening, giddy with joy; anticipating the journey of a toy which last saw popularity circa 1994.

What happened next is best described by this. It's a stickman* drawing sent to me by Ayemiy, who witnessed the scene as it unfolded on Twitter that day.

The slinky "flumped" its way down one step, before collapsing on its side in an exhausted, pathetic heap.

"Oh." I said.
"Oh." replied my colleague.

And with that, sullen, downtrodden and visibly disappointed, we returned to our desks to continue throwing our CVs down the wishing well of re-employment.

*All the Twitter professionals (lolz) say that you need a background that expresses WHO YOU ARE if you are ever to succeed at microblogging. I couldn't really be arsed, so last week I asked people to draw me stickmen for it instead. The result so far is here. Yeaaaah. It's a work in progress.


London-Lass said...

Yes, slinkys very rarely lived up to their promise of multiple steppage.

Although, on the odd occasion they managed to actually slink past one step, the resultant thrill and excitement was unbeatable.

Ah, simple times ... !

modelofamodernmajorgeneral said...

Oh my. Life has rather shuddered to a halt! Is the wishing well of CV-ness the right place to be putting your hopes and dreams? Could you escape the humdrum in some other way?

Ellie said...

Damn slinkies always over-promised.


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