Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I bloody love blogging. I don't think I've ever done an 'Ode to my blog' post before, but now with 2008 coming to a right royal close tomorrow night - it seems like a good idea to say those magic words.

Blog, I bloody love you.

I love my own little corner of the web, where no one knows exactly who I am and people are only privy to what I choose to tell them. I like what this blog has become; that people can know a little bit about me and maybe have a guess about what I might be like, where I live, what I do, but never really know for sure. At the same time, I like that when I do need to reveal a bit more to get advice, opinions or something off my chest, I can do it and people will respond honestly without the obligation of hurting the feelings of someone they know personally.

Out to dinner on Christmas eve, and one of my parents friends started talking about his blog and asking for my twitter username etc. Mum immediately started digging for information about my blog (she's aware I have one after The Mail on Sunday incident, but as far as I know hasn't found it yet) and dropped ambiguous comments about something she'd "read on the internet about the tube and it was really funny, and it was definitely you..." and even more worryingly, that a neighbour had told her about it in the first place. I brushed the subject off, saying I didn't know what she was on about and she didn't go into any more detail. The subject was dropped and hasn't been brought up again, I'm still not completely sure what she was getting at.

For a lot of this week after that conversation, I considered spreading the word a bit, letting select people in on the action. I thought about what would happen if I revealed all and let you lot know who I was. If I could just have one email account for everything, not have to shut down blog windows when my mum came into the room, let my friends know that this is where the amusing stories and photos end up after a night out. Sure, some bits would have to be deleted, a bit of editing here and there - but I could stop disgusing my face in photos, allow family to read what I write and share this little corner of the web which keeps me happy and sane.

Then I thought sod that.

I think I like things just how they are. I bloody love this blog. And if someone chances upon it, I shall reply using the eternal words of Shaggy..."It wasn't me".


The Unbearable Banishment said...

My family knows about my blog and they read it. That's okay. My IN-LAWS, however, have no idea that I blog and I would probably shut it down if they ever found out. That's not fair, but that's the way it is.

Quick question: How wrapped-up do you get in analytics? Do you check to see who's reading on a regular basis? At all?

Have a happy new year, you little minx.

pink jellybaby said...

I love my blog too and more and more people are getting to know about it...thankfully not my family yet. So i'm safe for now!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I check them every couple of days, but not religiously - depends how bored I am really. It's interesting to know how many people are reading but I don't really rely on them too much! Unfortunately until they create a filter which distinguishes between complete strangers and people I know in real life, they will be ultimately useless :-D Happy new year to you, you little scamp.

Elaine said...

My entire family and half of my home town used to read my blog! I've had people say to me "You're that blogger, aren't you?" (Whuch was bloody weird.) Admittedly, I closed that blog down and set up my current one and so far there's just a select few that read it. If I do get found out though, it won't worry me. I'm pretty open, but I don't write about anything I wouldn't be happy to share in real life.

pawpads said...

Only my husband, my Mother and my best friend know about my Blog and they all have the sense not to ask for the password when I post any Password Protected Posts.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

Bollox. I just lost my last comment.

Well .. in summary .. it was pretty much to say that the only person who reads my blog that actually knows me is MY MUM. Which is weird considering the majority of my postings obsessed with either shit, tits or anuses. O, and sometimes, vaginas too. But I'd much rather her reading my witterings than, say, my bosses (who would immediately sack me), Furry's family (who would definitely go from `not liking me' to `downright detesting me') and GM (who was born without a sense of humour).

Long live (relatively) anonymous blogging I say ... and, in particular, sleepingeyes.blogspot.com ... !

For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fe-e-llow, that nobody can deny!

Brennig said...

I thought Shaggy said things like 'Zoids!' and 'Come on Scooby!', but what do I know.

Since I got fired from a job for blogging about a thing I keep mine totally devoid of work stuff but the personal side is completely nakedly honest in all it's un-passworded glory. Passwording posts is cowardice. If someone has issues with a situation they should either shut up or put it up.

However, all of my politically sensitive rants/observations are in an anonymous blog totally devoid of any connection to me, just in the interests of protecting my present and future employment!

Huw said...

Back in my blogging heyday, when I wrote often enough to motivate people into reading, my flatmate was at a party once talking to some guy, who said "Oh, you live in Tufnell Park, do you? I read this blog about a guy who lives there." That's how my flatmate found out.

You forgot one of the best bits of blogs in your ode: randomly selecting something from your archive that you've half forgotten, and self-indulgently thinking "Yes! I'm funny!"

weenie said...

Nice ode - I dunno if I'd say I love blogging but I certainly do enjoy it but mostly cos of the anonymity I guess. There's only one person who knows me and has read my blog and that's the ex - no idea if he still reads or not.

Rhaingel said...

I bloody love your blog, too. I love the way you expressed yourself in that post... very honest although as you said, I don't know you personally. I love the way you described how this blog affects your relationship with the people around you, especially your family. It's nice that we have this little corner in the web we can actually call "ours" and making people aware about "our LIMITED life". That was really a nice post. :)


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