Friday, 26 December 2008

The following people DO NOT know it's christmas time:

Not that I was expecting to hear from him or anything, I totally wasn't - but it feels strange to be sans boyfriend this Christmas. Not that we spent Christmas together ever, or New Year come to think of it, it's just that weird feeling of no contact again. Getting a card from his parents was nice, although it highlighted the fact that I'd heard nothing from him. As they say..."that's probably a good thing", like everything else.

Oh, and Christmas cheer was definitely in the air on the road next to the doctor's surgery on the 24th, as I nipped in to pick up a prescription and, finding no space in the surgery's stamp sized car park, left my car on the adjacent road. There was indeed someone watching over me, a 21st century yonder star if you will, in the shape of a parking warden who slapped a £50 fine on my windscreen while I was gone. The timings noted on the slip? From 10:56 to: 10:58. Bastards.

My internet is not Christmas friendly. I know this because I've spent 6 hours over the last 2 days watching Gavin and Stacey from start to finish (actually, it's probably more like 10 hours given my internet connection up here. Have to watch it in 5 minute blasts, let it load up a bit, then press play...pause...load up, play etc). iPlayer is refusing to play ball 2 episodes short of the Christmas special - but anyway I think it's probably time I left the house before I start speaking welsh and greeting people with "Al-rite Stace, what's occurin?".

So I'm going to the pub, which will probably close at the thoroughly ungodly hour of 10:30, or something.

Toot toot!


Anonymous said...

I mentioned your predicament regarding traffic fines to my father. He was LIVID on your behalf. I think the word 'digusting' was mentioned with reference to traffic wardens. I also suspect that "they should be pillaried" was a phrase which was bandied about. He said that unless you were parked on a corner or in an ambulance bay, you should be allowed half an hour. Upon my reading it to him, he said "where did you find that? on the news?". Other than the Daily Mail-style references, I am inclined to agree!

Merry Christmas Jooooo!!!

Emsbabee said...

Oh, I know what you mean. But can only conclude that the only time you will hear from an ex is when they want something, and who needs the hassle of that.

In other news - Alright Edna, how's it going, alright?

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

You might still hear from him at New Year - a time when most people take stock and reminisce on times past ... ?

Anyway, a belated Merry Christmas, Jo, and I hope you have a very happy (and traffic-warden free) New Year.

Anonymous said...


Hope you had a great xmas!

Speaking of traffic wardens - we saw traffic wardens working in central\west London on Boxing day.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

blueskies - I was equally livid. It's just god damn stupid, and the road there is so confusing as to which bits are ok to park on and when. The opposite side of the road is restricted 11am-12pm, whilst opposite in the exact same part is 9-6 Monday to Saturday no parking. I should have been more careful, but I just didn't think. But what can you do? Dispute it and risk having it whaked up to 100quid?

Emsbabee - Ha...funny you should say that. The last time I heard from him WAS because he wanted something. At the end of the day, when all's said and done, you know what I mean? Tidy.

M.O.T - I won't hold my breath...Happy Christmas back, hope you and Furry have a good one including New Year!

biscuit - Happy christmas too! Boxing day? Seriously! Haven't these people got homes to attend to? Criminal justice indeed...

This Reality Podcast said...

Oh. Wossoccurin'? Bloody Scott Mills has that soundbite firmly embedded in my brain, nibbling at at bits of my subconscious almost 24/7. And I haven't even seen the prog!

Brennig said...

Shit bollocky bollocks. That was me but google remembered the wrong profile. Sorry. I'll go to bed now.

weenie said...

That's rubbish, but like you say, to dispute it will only whack it up to 100 quid!

Hope you had a good Christmas and all the best for 2009 - new years are notorious for ex's making booty calls (apparently). Be on guard!?


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