Monday, 7 April 2008

Mail on Sunday blog of the week

Following in the footsteps of Londonlass....Dum da daaaaaah:

Thanks to Homer for alerting me the "one time" she read the mail (yeaaaaaahhhh suuuuureeee), and thanks to the Mail on Sunday for letting me know too...oh wait, no... they didn't.

On the off chance that someone at the Mail will be reading, thank you and I do appreciate it because it's really nice to see your stuff in print: but surely it's courteous to let the person you're quoting know you're quoting them, particularly if you're going to edit it too?

Anyway: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah FAME AT the Mail...tomorrow the WORLD!

Or something.


weenie said...

WOW - impressive!

Was your blog edited at all, or was there just no swearing in it anyway? :-)

Well done!

theperpetualspiral said...

Urgh, the Daily Mail :banghead:

Well done though! People will be wanting your autograph next :)

London-Lass said...

Oo well done Jo!

You know this means that me & thee can form one of those annoying cliques now .. you know "We're so wonderful cos our blogs have been in print - now go away, fellow blogging scum, before we beat you to death" (that type of thing).

The sections the Mail took from my blog ended up being heavily edited, cribbed and pretty much all life sucked out of it - o, and the Mail didnt let me know either. Just pure chance, like yourself, that I discovered I'd been (cue trumpets) PUBLISHED (albeit in heavily edited form).

Well done though - mine's a pint if you're buying :)

Robbie said...

Wowwee. Check that foshizzle out. Get you. Congrats on the fame mouthy.

Anonymous said...


Clarissa said...

Even if it's The Mail, it's cool! Good on you, Jo. Good on you.

arbyn said...

Well done hey!? That's exciting, even if you didn't get informed about it from the editors.

James said...

Wow... good on you. Don't forget about the rest of us mere mortals. Best hope the grumpy soup eating doesn't read it otherwise your cover will be blown.

Homer said...

"Know thy enemy", that's what I say. said...

But they cut out all the best bits! Well done though. Must be lovely to be published... even though they didn't tell you.

Miss Understood said...

Oh God. This is where I remove all traces of my surname from my blog and hide under a rock.

On the other and, you are talking about the Mail and not the Sun, so I'll probably be ok.

Well done You!

Bec said...

'Scuse my French but Holy Fucking Hell! That is the best thing I've ever seen - major major major congrats.

Sorry, things like being in print get me a little over-excited!

Cut out and frame immediately!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

weenie - It was all edited. But I try not to swear too much on here. My mum might find it.

perpetual - I've got the signed pictures at the ready. Write to the usual address people...

lass - We are a two person club, wooo yeah! They must be doing the rounds in our corner of the blog world. Strange to think national newspapers read this stuff. I wrote to them about the not letting me know thing, yet to hear back..surprise surprise.

Cheers robbie!

Anon - it is, rather.

Merci buckets Clarissa.

Arbyn - like I said, can't complain is quite annoying though. Just so I could have bought the paper if anything.

James thats what I thought...plleeaseee don't let my work colleagues read it and recognise it...aaahhhh

homer - never a truer word said.

parlezvoo - Its a nice feeling, even if I couldn't share the glory with any family or friends!

Thanks Miss.

Bec - I've printed off 'tinternet and put it in the back of my diary. Damn this anonymous blogging lark! I want to put it on my wall!

The IT Girl said...

Whoa! CONGRATS! That's damn fantastic.

Am jealous. VERY jealous. But let's face it, your blog deserves it! :)

Boy said...

That's amazing! Whoop! But I do worry, they never let anyone know then what happens if I get in? eh? EH?

Thank fuck none of my friends read the daily mail either. Hehe.

Marika said...'re SO FAMOUS! Can we say we knew you when?


Robbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robbie said...

Have you seen this?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Good spot Robbie, I'm making enquiries as to how I go about invoicing them.


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