Monday, 14 March 2011

A glimpse of the future

And so commenced a truly excellent weekend with friends (to summarise: wine, piss taking, food, cake, shopping, tapas, more wine, Take Me Out application, sleep, food, home).

With one of the girls getting married, a lot of the talk inevitably turned to relationships. And with me now sober and deciding to consign the aforementioned dating show application firmly to the recycle bin, I faced the grim realisation that I may end up being the only single bridesmaid at the wedding next year.

There will be five of us altogether, and all of them have a plus one except me. All of them. Now, I'm not one to panic about being single. Quite frankly, if you can't enjoy being on your own, you'll never be completely content in a relationship. But there's something about being alone in a wedding situation - and they're getting more and more frequent at the moment by the way, what's with that? - that sent a little ripple of panic through my tiny little mind.

Because generally, couples and alcohol either leads to arguing or vigorous snuggling. And given the amount of love in the room at a wedding, it's likely to be the latter. Cue me, bobbing around the edge of a dancefloor occupied solely by happy couples whispering sentences beginning with "when we get married..." in each other's ears, while I poke my head between them brandishing my Nth glass of wine and trying to entice everyone into doing something more "groupy" like the conga.

In short, I have a year to find a replacement, or, alternatively, a year to imagine the worst that can happen when you attend a wedding on your own.

More wine, please. Might as well get started on the second of those options now.


Rosie (blueskies2day) said...

I went (newly-single) to my best friend's wedding with my Mum as my Plus-One. It was all going fine until Best Friend's Dad asked me, "Will it be you next?" and Mum butted in with "HA! She'll have to find herself a man first!"

Just call me Bridget.

Breeza said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend!
I feel your pain. But don't worry about tomorrow, as they say. You never know what will happen in the next year.
But... being single at a wedding does suck.

Anonymous said...

I've attended many weddings as the only singleton and it's never bothered me. It's not that bad...just get hammered ;)

Anyway it's MILES away until then, as Breeza says, who knows what will happen...

Elaine said...

Stay single. One of you bridesmaids has to shag the best man.
(It's tradition, ya know.)

Laura Jane Williams said...

I feel ya sister-girl. I'm missing two weddings this Easter because quite frankly, I just can't face it. I'd rather not be the cliched drunk bemoaning how they'll only be together for five years anyway.


miss*H said...

Weddings are ALWAYS full of single men! Last wedding I went to was of an old uni friend. I was with my husband however at our table it was just us 2 and 6 single blokes!!!! Everyone ends up drunk by about 2 pm getting on like a house on fire so I wouldn;t worry about it plus weddings are great places for pulling

Blonde said...

I'm with Elaine. Get it on with the best man. x

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that weddings are the place to meet people!

London-Lass said...

I hate weddings full stop and hate going to 'em (whether alone or as part of a couple). But enough about me.

The thing is it's not all wine and roses when you're part of a couple and, similarly, it doesn't have to be doom and gloom when you're on your tod either. Just take comfort (when you're chucking back the champers and perhaps hitching up with a tres handsome tres single guy) that you're not having to bat away yet another nosy old bint who really must know when you're gonna get hitched (which apparently people are allowed to ask you EVERY bleedin' time you attend a wedding as a couple).

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Rosie - Newly single? Hope all is ok. And Mum's can always be trusted to be on-hand with a witty response.

Breeza - That was the confirmation I needed.

cynical - I think my plus one has been scrubbed off the list entirely to make room for a more worthy guest, rather than the one I don't have yet. Hammered it is.

Elaine - Ahem. I've checked. None of them are single either.

Laura - I don't think "because I'm single!" will cut it when avoiding bridesmaid duties for a best mate. But worth a try, non?

Miss H - Not a bad idea, i.e., request to be put on a table with men. Single men. And if there are none, invite some. For me.

Blonde - He's not single. And neither are the ushers (I've checked)

Perp - Long lost relatives, perhaps?

Londonlass - Oh, I've no problem with being single on a day to day basis. It's when there's all that love in the air I start getting nervous. Plus, is it worse to be asked when you're getting married as a couple, or when you're single? Jury's out.

nuttycow said...

I go to a lot of weddings single (especially now I'm of *that* age with no fella on my arm) and I have a great time.

Any single man there will be hanging off your every word, you have an excuse to flirt outrageously with the barmen (thus securing they save you bottles of the best wine) and you'll have a fantastic time. Promise.

Brennig said...

I'm with the Mooster. Before I got married I went to loads of wedding as a singleton; had outrageously great times being borderline badly behaved. :)


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