Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday's Panda is Full of Chill

Well, you know what they say - happy people don't blog (well, unless they're in love and their friends have stopped listening). And this week, perhaps my lack of posts speak more than this one will.

My week has been busy; full of friends, flat viewings (for those who are interested, none of them were any good) and finally...Friday.

Ah, Friday. Generally a good day anyway, but today Friday has excelled itself. It's been a Fucking Brilliant Friday, in fact, if you'll excuse my mucky mouth. Thanks to some brilliant bloggers, my day began early with a stupendously good back massage, which drifted into a facial, rolled into a hand, foot and head massage and made me entirely grateful to have that many limbs available for oily rubbing. "Well, might as well finish what I've started" thought I, as I floated out the O Spa door and onto the tube home, before dropping into a salon and getting a lick of French polish on my fingernails.

Then, well, rumour has it that your heart is never truly able to mend until you've been to the hairdressers. My expert snip was even more expertly timed, as my mum happened to have an appointment fifteen minutes before mine.

"There you go. All done. Much better" said the hairdresser.
"I've paid" said my mum.
"Ooh! I like it" I replied.

Champagne acquired. Minstrels for the car journey. Pizza for a mid afternoon snack. A packed bag, one friend on her way and another waiting in Manchester for our long awaited reunion. An engagement ring to see, a break-up to dissect; three old friends will spend the weekend catching up and eating cake.

And after my first Really Good Day in two months, bloody hell - I'm ready for it.


Redbookish said...

Wonderful, lovely blog post. Have a fabulous time in Manchester.

jman said...

May it be the first of many.

Blonde said...


Have a great time. x

Anonymous said...



(not wee, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)


Anonymous said...

Nice post Jo, have fun :)

London-Lass said...

Lovely stuff !

Anonymous said...

Ah ha, the long awaited and oft re-arranged Mancunian get together.

Hope you have a great time :)

Ellie said...


Fen said...

Brilliant, I hope you have a super weekend

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Thank you everyone. It was a lovely weekend.

(I drank a lot of wine)


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