Monday, 20 September 2010

I'd love to change the record, but they won't let me

"One more thing" I tapped into an e-mail while sorting out the pay (or rather lack of it) debacle with my Recruitment Consultant last week. "When I clicked to view my pay rate online, it comes up as £xx an hour. I thought it was agreed that I was getting more than that, at £xxx a day"

A response zipped back a few minutes later.

"Re: rate, it is not £xx per hour as stated on your profile..... the system writes it in units - it is actually £xxx per day"

Needless to say, if it's not one thing, it's another with this large group of incompetant recruitment flumpards. And today, Team Useless at Crapsticks Recruitment Ltd excelled themselves again.

For this morning, upon checking my bank account and payslip for an influx of much needed cashishe, I realised that I hadn't just been paid, no no no. Despite spotting and flagging up the possible system error last week, I have actually been a couple of hundred pounds underpaid.

I'm complaint-lettered out. Who wants to take this one?


not twitter said...

Write an email to them saying that as they can't pay you on time, keep you informed, pay you the correct amount, you're contacting the HR department at your employer to let them know how badly you're being treated because you'd know they'd be interested in shit like that.

You are also are of the opinion other recruitment agencies might do better and will ask your employer if they think you should consider another agency who they'd prefer to work with with regard to your temporary position or future permanent placement and see what they think.

In short, threaten to cut off the hand that feeds them.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I called Captain Useless and the money will be in my account not this week, but next. If this next pay on Friday buggers up, I will certainly be taking it further as you've suggested.

I detest companies who can't get the simplest of tasks done right. It's infurating.

jman said...

How about seeking to move up the power chain and try speaking to someone who has the power to do something a bit more quickly and maybe make certain it is done correctly.

Here's hoping that this is it, that nothing else can get screwed up and that things are going up from here!

Anonymous said...

I'd echo the comments about going up the chain a little bit. As NT says, if you threaten to cut off the hand that feeds them, that might help expedite the issue.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Hopefully it all should be sorted within the next week or so.

And hopefully, yes, this should be the last time something goes wrong.

Ellie said...

Good advice from not twitter.


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