Monday, 26 October 2009

Gainfully unemployed

I finished work on Friday and have given myself two weeks to get stuff together, say goodbyes and sort myself out before I jet off into the Australian summer. It's strange to be unemployed but not actively looking - or even thinking about looking - for another job. In fact, I'm not going to be regularly earning for the next 9 months or so, a prospect which makes me slightly uneasy.

A good thing then that I was on the receiving end of a cheque that will definitely help things along. There's been a lot of family deaths over the last few years which I've written about and referred to a few times. They caused a lot of grief, heartache and anger, not least because sudden deaths are bad enough, but when the people dying are young and in their 40s, it's a whole other painful story.

Death has never been just about losing someone though, there's the whole other business of estates, possessions, houses; a person's actual wealth that has to eventually be passed on. A couple of years have passed and it's now time for me to receive my share. This weekend me and the New Boy went to Hull and as well as seeing my horse (and giving the New Boy an inpromtu first riding lesson), there was a trip to my uncles house where I picked up a cheque.

It's probably the largest amount of money I'll ever receive in one go and I'm going to use it wisely. My auntie was a keen traveller and I know she'd approve of my plans to see the world - or certain parts of it - that she never got to visit. My only guilt comes from not being able to send a postcard from everywhere I go, as I did the last time I was away.

But deep down I know she'd say, 'Go on kid, get out there, enjoy yourself' and with a little posthumous help, that's what I fully intend to do.


Anonymous said...

Gosh I can't believe you're going... It doesn't seem that long ago that you posted saying you'd decided on traveling!

Are you going to continue posting (please)?

Ellie said...

It's great to know what loved ones would want you to do ... and that it is exactly what you want to do. Looking forward to your tales!

Time Traveller said...

No. You can't go!

Enjoy yourself, have a great time, don't have any regrets when you get to 40 (I'm not 40 by the way).

cynicalscribble said...

I'm insanely jealous you're going so soon.

I'm sure you'll do her proud.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

That's beautiful. And, also, money very well spent. You'll carry this experience with you for the rest of your days. You can't put a price on that.

Brennig said...

And how was the pone?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

roseski - Oh tell me about it. How fast have these months gone! Of course I'll keep up with my blog, I couldn't not :)

Ellie - Yeah, I just know she'd be championing me on this travelling thing. Definitely.

Time Traveller - Its ok, I'll still be here...just know, HERE. London!

cynical - Have you booked your trip yet?

Unbearable - Exactly. I think I'll put some aside for a nice shopping trip in new york next July, too.

Brennig - He was very well. Going a little grey around the gills, but his usual bouncy self and being very well looked after. He rewarded my visit with several head butts (affectionate i like to think). Thats love.

cynicalscribble said...

Not yet Jo, money situation isn't the best at the min (I'm own worst enemy).

But it's still a go'er, hopefully will have saved/sacrificed enough to be over there by June-ish.

BlackLOG said...

My auntie was a keen traveller and I know she'd approve of my plans to see the world - or certain parts of it - that she never got to visit. My only guilt comes from not being able to send a postcard from everywhere I go, as I did the last time I was away.

Why not send a post card to your uncle, says someone who gave up sending post cards years ago. I once sent duplicate post cards (six of them) to a friend. Each one with a slightly different comments. For some reason his Postman got upset about it and thought I was taking the piss out of the postal service?

The last time I sent anything resembling a post card was from New York using a camera which had Bluetooth and my phone which also had Bluetooth. I can only assume that it was before the days of camera phones, at least I hope so....... I sent them as attachments within emails and it took hours as they kept crashing. Mrs B had dug out some addresses that she wanted me to use. I found out later that if one of the email addresses that I was sending to was wrong the whole lot would crash, yes one of the addresses Mrs B had given me had an error. Learnt not to do that again in a hurry, the bill when I got home was for over £100, the number of pictures received by friends and family a big fat Zero....Doh!

Good luck on your travels,

P.S. don't worry about sending a post card the occaisonal Blog posting will do

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Cynical - I'd book the flights as soon as you have enough cash, then saving will be an easier feat as you'll have something to aim for. Good luck duck.

Blacklog - Haha, that sounds like such a mission! I remember when picture messages used to cost a bomb - but now when i go abroad they actually cost less than text messages. How does that work!


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