Monday, 12 January 2009

"Leave it to me, I'll do it..."

....are words you will seldom hear me say again after this week.

Just before Christmas, two friends of mine from ski and snowboard club at uni (The Twins) created an event on facebook to get a group together for a ski holiday. Out of the 40 or so people invited (including the ex boyfriend, who thankfully declared himself 'not attending' - that could have been difficult) 10 of us were interested, 8 seriously. The number then dropped to seven, a tricky number to deal with, and with time ticking ever closer to the manic, astronomically priced half term week, I decided to take charge.

Just give me definite numbers and a date, I said, and I'll ring around.

Hours were spent scouring the internet for deals, ringing ski companies, comparing, emailing and bargaining. Several pages of my notebook later, and we had a deal lined up. £419pp for flights, transfers, self catering accommodation in Val D'Isere and lift pass.

I call Twin G to alert the troops. He calls back. "Ah, slight problem. One girl can't make that date any more. Can we try the week after?"

Seriously. Frustrated wasn't the word: someone else is arranging a holiday and you don't think to let anyone know that the dates no longer suit?

"Twin G, the next week is just before half term, there's only one apartment left and nothing the week after. We won't get it this cheap. If she drops out, the price goes up for the rest of us. And nice of her to let us know! Besides, we have 6 people who can make that date. Go see what you can do. If the dates change, I'm not doing the ringing around this time. It's taken hours. Go tell her."

Minutes matter in this game. The economy may be tumbling, but so's the snow and the prices and everyone's out to get them, recession or not.

Eventually he calls back "Right, good news - we're all back on. I'll call the agent and sort it."

The next call comes in. "Good news and bad news. The deal's still there...but now there's only 5 seats left on the flight. Good news, the agent found something better"

And so it was that after a week of searching for the a cheap ski holiday for 8, then 7, then 6, then 7 people: we found it.

We're going to Serre Chevalier in France, staying in a self catering apartment (which at full capacity will probably be like living in a sardine can, but no matter), with flights, transfers, and lift pass....for £335.

Super noodles, pasta and tins of beans at the ready - hey ho, hey ho, it's off to the snow we go. Thank you, And strangely enough, I don't feel an 'events organiser' career beckoning...


The Unbearable Banishment said...

No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. Do you know what’s worse? Laying out cash on someone’s behalf and trying to collect after the fact. I’ve been there and it’s not comfortable. Can you ski? Break a leg! Ho ho.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Oh forget spending money for other people too. No thank you. And yes, I can ski. Sometimes better than I can walk (a vin chaud usually sees to that)

Blue soup said...

Sounds divine. The trip that is, not the arranging part. I hate it when someone thinks that the world revolves around them and they can muck people about. Grrr.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

I'm probably the ONLY person in London who cant ski. But the holiday sounds fun. And bravo for such an amazing deal ... !

CatsPuke said...

That's such a good deal! It's going to cost us more than that and we're not even paying for accommodation. Hope you recover from all the heard word but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

CP x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, rather you than me on the arranging bit.

But you got a good bargain there - lift passes too. Amazing.

Robbie said...

Me and the missus were talking about going to a ski resort. Perhaps not to ski but maybe have snow ball fights or something?
The Sierra Nevada is less then a 2 hour car journey from us but the thickest clothes we have is a pair of jeans and thin jacket (most thick stuff was thrown out when we moved near a beach), not exactly great for throwing snow balls up mountains.

Do they rent out snowy clothes in ski resorts?

Emma said...

Gosh that's amazing value - especially if you only eat super noodles, pasta and beans! That will certainly keep your costs down :-). Have a lovely time!

Clarissa said...

Ohhh, a nightmare. People rarely appreciate the effort required to put these 'little' trips together. Good job. Good friend.

Tabby said...

There is NOTHING WORSE than trying to organise/mobilise a big group of peeps for a holiday. I volunteeredmy self to be incharge of getting this summer's ibiza trip sorted and peole ummed and arrred about dates and one girl didnt transfer the money into my bank unitl over a month after i'd paid for the bloody holiday! But it was all worth it in the end, and i'm sure your will be too.... How exciting!!! Hope you have an amazing time! :o)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Blue - By the end of it I just said 'Right, Twin G - you sort it' and left the rest to him :D

MOT - Skiing's only half the point of a ski holiday. I personally go for the apres ski ;)

Catspuke - Thanks love. Where are you off to?

Reluctant - It's a deal and a half...especially with most lift passes clocking in around the £200 mark these days.

Robbie - Never looked to be honest. You could always get your 'rents to pick some cheapy bits up from TKMaxx and send em over. Definitely go, if only to have a play and bum board / sledge.

Emma - I have the distinct feeling that we'll spend more money on booze than the holiday itself ;)

clarissa - Ahh, why thank you. Me and Twin G got thanks from a couple of people...not all though. Hopeflly we'll get first dibs on beds.

Tabby - I feel your pain. And of course, it'll be worth it for a week of snow.

weenie said...

Well done, sounds like you got a bargain there. And organising stuff like that is a thankless job but is worth it if no one else can be bothered to do it! Hope you have a fab trip!


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