Friday, 16 January 2009

I'm trying to find myself

For some reason the other day I remembered something. I can't remember how I remembered it, if that makes sense, but lets just say it popped into my head on it's own. And ever since, it's been bugging me.

Here's the thing. Years ago, I think it was before I started uni, way before the word 'blog' was even on my radar, I had a sort of online diary. I say 'sort of', because I don't think I used it very often or ever revealed anything that you'd want to have a sneak peek of. As you probably already know, I've kept a written diary since I was about 5 so that's where all the really juicy stuff goes - this would just have been something for when I was bored.

I tried to remember what website it had been on, and Open Diary seemed familiar so I clicked onto it and tried to log in. That's where the 'bugging me' bit comes in. I can nooooo remember my log in or password. I can noooooo remember the email address I was using back then. I can nooooooooooooo remember the title I gave the 'diary'. But it's on there...somewhere. I just have no idea where.

Now I've gone a good couple of years without accessing it, and no doubt it will be a huge disappointment and void of any real revelations. But blimey, it's so annoying knowing that there's a little bit of my life floating around on the internet somewhere, shrouded under a mysterious nickname I'd have given myself to prevent someone trying to find it. I clearly never thought I'd need to find it.

Anyway - what I really should be doing is researching a travel piece, and this is where you may be able to help. If anyone who reads this is from Philadelphia or knows it, or has been there on holiday and can recommend places to eat, sleep, drink or stay - I could do with some starting points.

Onwards into the weekend...meep meep.


Tabby said...

Haha i made a hompage typething ten years ago when i was 16. It had photos of 'me and my mates', and lots of other stupid things like cyber pets and dollz. And it is still floating around on the net. And no, i'm not telling you where it is hahah!!

Elaine said...

It's great on toast!

I have one too, which I can't log into. I'm not entirely sure I want to, either.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Okay, first of all, why Philadelphia? Do you know New York City is a short hop away? I’m just sayin’.

I use to keep a written journal. (“Diaries” are for girls. I’m a boy, so it’s a journal, thank you very much.) I was leaving home right after high school and didn’t want anyone to find the journal I had kept for that year, so I placed it in a plastic bag and BURIED it in a park. I sort-of remember where it’s buried but I was never able to find it. By now it’s pulp.

Brennig said...

I've never had an off-line diary for the only reason that I don't like my handwriting. As soon as I got my first proper computer though (1991) I started keeping a journal. My first blog kicked off in March 2004. It's still exists, there's some good stuff there - I've just flipped over and checked it out. I might have to resurrect it. Hmm... :)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Tabby - I had a similar thing. I was really into music, DJs, MCs the lot back then and had pictures and profiles of them on it...clips of songs, pictures of me and my mates. Weird. Think (hope) it's long gone now...

Elaine - It took me longer than it should to get that joke ;)

Unbearable - I don't know, if it was wrapped in a plastic bag you might be surprised! Re: Philly - I'm not going there, I'm writing about it. You think travel writers actually visit the places they write about? The interns don't, anyway ;)

Brennig - Well, if you get it back on track, link me up...

Anonymous said...

ooh that would really bug me not being able to find it.

I always keep passwords and stuff in the front page of my current diary. Silly in some ways but over Christmas I needed to get into an old desktop I had in the attic which I had not opened in over 6 years and it asked for a password and I tried loads and none worked. So I went to my diary for 2001 and there were some there and the first one I tried opened it.

Not very secure maybe for current passwords but it has helped me out a few times.

Hope you manage to track it down and get into it. But I doubt it somehow. Sometimes if you sit down at a screen aftera few drinks and just try not to think but let your fingers type - things appear that you didn't know that you still remembered!! Good excuse to get pissed anyway.

Don't know anything about Philadelphia sadly.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

See I think I would have been extra stealth about it though, thinking "ha! they'll never find me now!". But yes, as you say, wonderful excuse to get a bit boozey.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

This reminds me of that story `The Body' by Stephen King where one of the characters (Vern Tessio) buries a load of quarters underneath his parents' house and keeps a map of where he buried the quarters in his bedroom. However, one day he comes home from school, to find his bedroom had been tidied up by his mum and the map gone. From that moment on every spare moment is spent digging under the house (to no avail) and as his desperation mounts so does the amount of quarters he buried - until he's convinced that there is a fortune under his parents' house just waiting to be unearthed.

Anyway, and returning back to the real world, I do this forgetting malarky all the time. It's cos there are so many dratted passwords to everything. And also cos I am old.

Re. Philadelphia - ever though of dipping in to Virtual Tourist for some on-line tips & treats?

Miss Milk said...

If you're anything like me, you don't want to find something like that. You think you do, but when you finally get to it? You don't.


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