Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I've been trying to think of inventive, entertaining and witty ways to tell you about my cold.

Unfortunately for you, this is all I can come up with.

I have a cold.

I'm tired, snotty and would rather be at home in bed.

My grand plan was to come in, check emails etc, then upon realising I am not needed, go home from work early and not come in tomorrow (my boss is away for the next two weeks anyway) but the minute I left my house this morning, I realised that I'd forgotten my keys.

For the last two minutes I've been prodding and twisting the blue squishy wrist rest in front of my keyboard, contemplating what the blue thing's made of.

Oh yeah. Last night I spotted Nicky Hambleton-Jones off the Channel 4 programme 10 Years Younger on South Bank. She walks funny. But then I walk funny too, my heels got trapped in the gaps between the slabs on Waterloo Bridge 3 times then twice again in the cobbles once I got to the other side. I'd like to blame the pavement or my choice of high heels, but I think I'll just blame Fearne Cotton for that and my cold, because I haven't blamed her for much lately.

Oh wait, hang on.....yep, I think I just bored myself.

I'm definitely more tired and bored than when I started this post about 45 mins ago.

I'll go now.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Think, for a moment, of how fortunate you are (no, not to be sick). You are in a position whereby your heel gets caught on the Waterloo Bridge. What I mean is, most people in the world live in places that are less—how shall I put it?—interesting than where you are. Oh, lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor you. At least you are not vomiting. Although I guess that could be next?

Make sure you stay at home tomorrow and look after yourself. Oh and you can have a hot toddy on me tonight as I am not drinking so it would be a shame if my alcohol allocation went to waste - so I donate it to you!


Robbie said...

Cotton HAS been given too much slack on this blog lately. Pick it up Jo

Time traveller said...

'yep, I think I just bored myself.'


Blue soup said...

I had chicken soup for my lunch. It sounds like you need some. It really works! Proven apparently.

rosiewishes. said...

Coincidentally, I was just contemplating whether I should just turn off the radio because Fearne's annoying me and I'm beginning to get an Repetitive Strain Injury due to me repeatedly turning down the volume after every song...

Also coincidentally, I am getting my flu jab this evening! Apparently working in a school means I can have it. So hopefully this'll be the last of my colds this year... yeah right.

Ella said...

Get well soon!

James said...

I just wrote a comment about your new swishy comment box... but it got eaten when I tried to use my wordpress login, which I needed to be logged into (but wasn't)... so I went for boring old name/url instead.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

Aww poor Jo - my brother told me this morning (after sneezing all over me) that he's just coming down with a head-cold too - I may be joining your ill club shortly ...

Elaine said...

Here, have a tissue. Hope you feel better soon. At least it's not man flu.!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

unbearable - and I have to do it all again tonight! You're right, put it in perspective and I'm a very lucky girl indeed.

reluctant - early to bed was the order of the day! Alcohol is what's got me into this mess in the first place I think!

robbie - I intend to. Sorry.

timetraveller - That happens a lot. I speak, get half way through the sentence then realise I don't actually care enough to continue speaking.

blue soup - I'm not a massive fan of chicken soup. Does super noodles , chicken flavour, count?

rosie - She's so annoying isn't she? All happy and chirpy and pretending to give a hoot about the people she's talking to. Grrr.

Ta Ella!

James - Comment box is not my doing. Tis blogger. Quite like it, though. Even if it did eat your comment.

M.O.T - Woot woot! All aboard the sneeze and snot train!

Elaine - Oh god, I'd never get out of bed again if it was Man flu!


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