Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 Resolution: To do what the hell I want. Like everyone else.

Mates over dates. Bro's over hoes. Whatever turn of phrase you choose, the sentiment is the same. When it comes to being in a relationship, you've gotta keep your friends on the radar. The rule is simple: Do not become One of Those Girls.

I've been going out with the Boyfriend for well over a year now, and I'll be the first to admit that (during cold, wintry, god-it's-cold-outside-can't-we-just-watch-a-film times) I have allowed several weeks to pass without seeing head nor pint of my friends.

I mean, sod it. Seeing your Boyfriend is easy. It's warm. It requires no thought. It demands nothing but Donkey Kong, a sofa, and lying sans make-up in bed all day. It costs precisely naught. But that being said, after a few weeks of relative hibernation, I have got my act together and evened up the friends to Boy ratio.

So when I get snide comments regarding how much time I spend with him - which I have done from several corners lately - on the one hand it's understandable, but on the other it's, well... not. Come on. We all do this. Show me a girl who doesn't let her social life slide when she's in a relationship, and I'll show you a handsome toad doing the twist.

But as far as I can remember - and any stalker friends who may stumble on this blog and emit a fit of rage at such a statement, please feel free to interject - I have yet to actually forget about arranging an evening with my friend, and then when reminded, spend it with my boyfriend anyway. Which is what happened to me tonight.

Forgetting isn't a crime. I forget, god do I forget. And if the plans made in the meantime were bloody amazing and / or non-refundable, then fair enough: abandon mate o'clock. But unless you're going out with Jamie "Epic Munch" Oliver, that doesn't include a generic night eating round your boyfriend's house. Who you saw yesterday.

Maybe I rate my company too highly. Perhaps the lure of me, some wine and the Wii ain't what it used to be. But one thing's for sure. I do believe I've just been bumped off for a boy. And that's just not cricket.


Fen said...

But surely it goes both ways? You can't just go inviting yourself everywhere, it requires for your friends to be actively inviting you places. *shrugs*

It's a fine line you tread and I guess inevitably people get their noses out of joint for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Now that's just not on... Definitely not cricket.

Anonymous said...

Next stop pregnancy - that'll learn you

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

^That doesn't even make sense.



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