Tuesday, 16 December 2008

We're moooving on up, we're mooovin' on round, time to break free...noooothing can stop us, yeaaah

(Or something. Not really sure why I've named this post after an M People song from the 90s, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway)
Since being back on the prowl (aka back on the scene, back in the game, all that business) which I'm not really, not properly anyway - I indulge in a bit of harmless flirtation in bars when the barmaid takes an absolute AGE to get down the line of waiting alchies and I end up swapping 'claims to fame' with the bloke next to me, and by the way, making a well known pompous TV presenter's microwave dinner royally trumps being related to Morrissey by a distant cousin's marriage, mate - but apart from that, it's all been rather tame on the man front. However, there has been enough interaction with le sex opposite to realise that things have moved on somewhat from the last time I was scouting for potentials.
I remember back in the days of M People, before there were mobile phones and swapping house numbers was the done thing (Hello, is Michael there? This is Jo. "Michaeeeeeel, there's a giiiirrrrrrrrrl on the phhhooonnnnnee!"), then there were Nokias the size of bricks with a 'write message' function but no capability to send them, but at least you could avoid calling the Mother Ship and skip straight to the boy in question. Then there were pagers, which I never really understood the point of but I had one anyway, then texting came in to play, then up popped the internet and email, MSN messenger and slowly all these ways of speaking to a love match after that first drunken meeting expanded into infinity.
Skip forward to last weekend, a newly single girl is out and about for the second weekend in a row (WAH!) and once again the three of us get chatting to another group and end up making friends like kids in a sandpit. The end of the night comes and our new mates are heading home. One bloke who I've had my eye on comes over to say goodbye and as we're hugging, says "Add me on facebook!". I say ok, then realise that actually, despite spending a lot of the night messing around and chatting, I don't know his name. Yes, this seems to be a common theme - names and me don't go. He tells me it and above the music, I'm sure I mishear. That cannot really be his surname. I get my phone out to write it in a message to clarify, and ask him to spell it to be sure. That's your surname? Seriously? Are you joking? "It's awful, isn't it?" he grins, before bounding off into the night with his friends.
In the taxi home, and the question comes "So, did you get his number then?". Hmmm, no. I got his name for facebook. His surname's....his surname's.... and I tell her. She cracks up. "Oh dear. Well, better to find out now then, eh? Ha! Wicked. Marriage not on the cards, then?"
So things have moved on and the traditions of number swapping are dying fast...but sometimes, in very rare situations, the ability to sniff out details which back in the day would have remained undercover - this can only be a good thing.
Saying that, he was hot. I added him anyway.


Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

Oo .. was it Hogsflesh, Pratt, Clutterbuck, Butts, Gash, or Fishback ... ? (these are all oddly named clients i've worked for in the past)

But, like you say, it doesnt matter, for he was hot to trot. Hurrah.

Robbie said...

-1 He has to go.

"Add me on Facebook"?

What the eff?

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how we managed back in my day when there was no email, no mobiles and students didn't even have a house phone in their squalid tip. I remember I had to sit in one particular pub for four consecutive nights to engineer a "chance" meeting with someone I fancied cos I had no idea how to get hold of them.

pink jellybaby said...

oh no, how old was he? 17?

Hannah said...

The Voice first got in touch with me after a party via Facebook.

Just a warning.

Rol said...

I'm with Robbie. Is that really how young people get it on these days - through bloody Facebook? I'm so glad I'm an old fart.

Elaine said...

Well, I think it's great! At least you can see drunken photos of him, his ex girlfriends, maybe some family members, his writing skills, and his penchant for sending pina coladas and teddy bears to all and sundry BEFORE you take the plunge. So much better than a phone number!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

M-O-T - none of the above. Good effort though. I found some corkers whilst looking through our company list yesterday.

Robbie - I love this grading system you've got going on for every bloke I meet. Keep it up, it amuses me.

reluctant - Indeed! Gone are the days...I remember the days of meeting someone at a disco and hoping and praying they would turn up to the next one, ahhh. So many loves lost.

pjb - I hope not. 26!

Hannah - Ah. Point very much taken.

Rol - I'm not as adverse to the idea as I imagined I would be. Facebook isn't my favourite website, but it does give you the opportunity to suss certain details out in advance...

Elaine - I've recently culled a few 'tagged' photos of me - got rid of the hideously drunk ones and left only photos where I am upright and looking suitably well groomed.

weenie said...

Facebook..meh! But it's a great start - nice one!

Huw said...

I too found pagers rather pointless, and refused to contact any of my friends through them.


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