Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Soup and the Post-It Note

One bit of my job is looking after the presenters when they come in for the show. This includes buying and cooking their (microwaveable) dinner; something I detest doing. Partly because they sit literally in front of said microwave, and partly because they are fully capable of doing it themselves but because of the way things are, it's expected that I, or one of the runners, do it. I find it demeaning and frankly, I don't want to get into TV so badly that I'm happy to cook someones dinner for them (more on that in a different post). Sometimes they ask for soup, in which case a bowl has to be provided as well. Sometimes even though I spend time buying and making their dinner, one of them will ask for it at a time when they can not possibly have time to eat it, during rehearsals for example, therefore it remains uneaten. They, of course, don't clear it away. It sits, patiently, like a particularly well-trained dog outside a supermarket.

This is what has happened. The soup has shrivelled in it's bowl on the desk and has sat there, waiting to be cleared. Now I will turn a dial on a microwave, deliver a fully heated meal with a smile, even rinse a plate under a tap. But I will not scrape congealed, hardened soup out of it's bowl and wash away the remains. That is not my job, and we don't have a kitchen or the tools(?) required for such a task. It's not happening...the end.

Except it has sat there for days hidden behind a file and today as I expected would happen eventually, someone noticed it. In disgust, they cleared it away. Haha, not really. As if! Got ya there. No...they emailed me.


Hello good morning. The presenter's soup is still sitting out on that desk - getting harder and oranger.

Any chance one of the work experience guys can get rid of it?


Two things. Number one: I'm glad that he didn't ask me to do it, he is aware it is not my job. Second thing: nor is it the job of work experience. Actually, three things: Nor would I be comfortable asking a work experience person to do it, much less someone who is here temporarily, entry level or not. Yes, you will be asked to do some shitty things...but not by me. This is no doubt why Jack chose to make the request by proxy, he is not comfortable doing the task himself, or asking me to do it, or asking anyone else to do it. The buck is passed. I replied.

I'll ask a cleaner to dispose of it when they come around. Cleaning soup isn't what I'd call productive media work experience!

Then I did what any true, seasoned office worker would do in the same situation. Moved the offending soup bowl next to the microwave, and stuck a post-it note over the top.

Cleaner - Please dispose of this soup!

Buck passed again, but this time to someone whose job it actually is. Constructive delegation, yes? Yes....unless....Well, unless said cleaner decides to come over to clean the microwave and totally ignore the well positioned post-it note, choosing instead to calmly walk away from the whole caboodle and do something else. Hmmm. My strategic post-it noting failed, even though its luminous pink. It appears I still cannot bear to actually verbally ask anyone to clean up the soup even if it is their job, so I have now thought of plan B, or C...whatever we're on. If the soup isn't cleaned by the end of the day, I'm chucking the whole thing, bowl, solidified soup complete with firmly lodged spoon, into the bin.

Also, perhaps another well-positioned post-it note is also required for the attention of the presenter in question:

Do yer own washing up, or the bowl gets it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yep, that'll do it. Gotta love post-it notes.


Robbie said...

I hope you do get a post it note reply. Thatd be aces

I'm a bit hungry now, any chance you can nuke me some ready meal MotorMouth?

surviving myself said...

I HATE "the way things are."

James said...

It's Working Lunch or the Daily Politics show isn't it?

Miss Understood said...

Perhaps you should ebay it?

pawpads said...

Now I want soup!

arbyn said...

I like the sounds of post it "C," you sound like a pirate.

theperpetualspiral said...

I have a seemingly large number of used coffee cups in my office upstairs. If you could please sort a post it note out for my cleaner, that'd be ace. Clearly I am unable to do this myself!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

robbie - I would but I think if I spent any more time near a microwave I'd die of radioactive thingiebobbing.

survivng - you and me both...

james - wrong wrong wrong...check the credits for a Jo if you don't believe me (sods law there'll be one)

Miss - now that is a fantabulouslo idea. except the listing fees might be a bit high for the price I'd want for it.

pawpads - Tescos do a lovely one.

arbyn - Ooh arrr, shiver me manky soup

perpetual - I am the queen of post its. I will post you a post it.


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