Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sunday routines

The PIB lay on one sofa and I lay on another. Both of us settled, we embarked on our new Sunday routine.

"So, a debauched week then?" I said, taking in the slumped, slightly worn out figure huddled in blankets in front of me.

"Yeah. You could say that" she replied, before launching into a story involving men, road trips and alcohol which, all things considered, could only ever happen to her. "Also while cavorting around, I basically realised I'm still not over the ex. Bloody men. After months of telling him not to contact me, he finally stops and I'm like oh. Bah. And you?"

"Well, bit the same really. I've been blaming the weather, but weirdly I've felt a bit - like, I don't know - a little bit heartbroken lately. Like a thousand tiny little heartbreaks, over no one in particular. Just all of them. The Ex, the other one, ones I didn't pursue for one reason or another and now think I should have. Wondering if there's anything I could have done differently, pawing over it all basically."

She shook her head and straightened up a bit.

"Nah. They weren't right. If you hadn't ended it when you did, it would have only happened later. And as for potential dates, things always seem rosier when you look back on them."

Deep down, I knew she was right. Because being single brings freedom, but when you're faced with so many options and choices, there's always the worry you might be making the wrong ones - especially when they all bugger off.

We chatted back and forth for another hour, pausing only for food runs. The sky darkened behind PIB's head.

"Right. I need to leave the house." I announced with a yawn. "Or I'll just flop around here all day eating."
"Yup. And I need to go to sleep."
"Next week, same time?"
"Fo sure. Have a good day."
"Sleep well my dear."

With that, my best friend's face disappeared from the screen, and we went back to our lives on opposite sides of the world.

Outside my window, the rain fell through grey skies. The perfect day to stay in and mope.

I closed the laptop.

And after a little sigh, a little stretch, and with nowhere specific to go, I put my shoes on and started Sunday.


Blonde said...

Things I've said before and will say again: she's right; and, I bloody love your writing. x

nuttycow said...

She is right (isn't that a wonderful thing about best friends?) - much better that they ended when they did saving more heartache.

Onward and upward dear friend.

(and I swear, Skype is one of the best inventions in the world)

London-Lass said...

I agree with your best mate too.

And a good shnuffle with a dog always raises the spirits.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Bah, she's always blummin' right :)


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