Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Writing as incentive

The ability to write can get you a lot of things.

It can earn you money, gain you confidence, give you friends, put things in perspective and, well, it's a far more affordable option than therapy.

Armed with a pen or a keyboard, a bad day takes on an amusing slant instead of a painful edge, amazing experiences once articulated are never forgotten, and break-ups change from being the end of a story, to the beginning of one.

But more than all that, writing can be the push you need to do something you otherwise wouldn't.

In fact, it's amazing what can be achieved when you apply the logic "well, if it all goes tits up, at least I can write about it anyway".

Which is sort of the reason that when the fourth date* had yet to be arranged and my ridiculous girl-brain was doing somersaults - on which note, it's always those already in relationships who tell you how exciting dating is, only the rest of us know the terrifying truth - that I decided to stop waiting, and ask the question myself.

And because the path of dating never did run smooth, and the response or lack of it would have to go in writing either way and because, ultimately, everything is copy, I wrote:
So am I ever going to see you again, or is that it now you've seen my boobs?

...and pressed send.

So that's how today's story ended, with a fourth date arranged and some lessons learnt:

1) When in doubt, do it anyway, 2) Never underestimate the power of words, and 3) where possible, always use the word "boobs".

*Yeah, I skipped a few. Sorry.


Leigh said...

Yay for directness! And double yay for fourth dates!

nuttycow said...

Use of the word boobs always wins!

Well done on the fourth date - you're doing much better than me!

Blonde said...

LIKE. You're right, though: dates are bloody terrifying when you actually like someone.

Kat said...

This is very exciting. And MORE exciting! Have a lovely time. And have a good breathe - that's the part I usually forget x

Bella Luna said...

Haha *LOVE* your text, even more for the use of one of my favourite words (boobs is just fun to say)...Hope 4th date is lovely

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Leigh - Sometimes you just have to ask what's on your mind.

nutty - I am at this point congratulating myself

Blonde - It's so terrifying. Ridiculously so. And it will never get easier.

Kat - See! Exciting. Not bloody exciting, Kat. SCARY. Will remember to breathe. x

Bella - Thanks. It just felt like an appropriate word to use.

Ellie said...

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!

Robbie said...

Boobs you say

Gorilla Bananas said...

He clearly has the deepest respect for you boobs. Now you've just got to convince him that it's a package deal and the rest of you comes with them.

Daniel Grosvenor said...

I am a tremendous fan of directness (and boobs, but that should go without saying).

Did date #4 happen after this message was sent? If so, would you say the message improved of worsened the dating experience?

Daniel Grosvenor said...


London-Lass said...

I commend your approach.

And, yes, boobs are always to be celebrated - apart from those ones attached to the sweaty builder perched atop the scaffold round the corner to my office.


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