Thursday, 3 November 2011

Today has been one of those days.

When your alarm doesn't go off, and your relaxed morning turns into an all-out rush.

When your afternoon is taken up by rectifying silly minor details that no one else will notice - but you have to get right - just in case. An e-mail you send out opens a can of worms, but you put on the polite, affable, apologetic front, representing your company and shelving your own views. An overwhelming part of your brain instructs you to reply with "Oh, do shut up. You sanctimonious twat."

But you like your job. So you don't.

You work late, leave late, and head onto the tube with something to proof read in your hand. One stop later, a buggy gets on containing a wailing baby - and that's the end of that.

Out of the tube, you catch up on earlier missed calls. You look at your HTC piece of crap phone screen. In response, it loses all signal.

Three rounds of "come on, you piece of crap" later, your first phone call to a friend goes to voicemail.

The next call you make on your HTC piece of crap phone inexplicably redirects to an entirely different number to the one you pressed "call" on.

Your bright "Hellooo!" is answered by a slightly irritated, bemused sounding woman who, you think to yourself, doesn't really sound like your friend - but you persist anyway with a jovial, admittedly one-sided game of Guess Who.

Unfortunately, you realise after 30 seconds of sarcastic "Come on you old cow, it's me!", it isn't your friend. It's your HR manager from an old job, who has answered a call from a number they don't know, only to find some absolute tool on the other end chanting "Haha! No - who's this!".

You quickly hang up.

It's when nothing is so bad, but nothing is so good. When the fog is mostly in your mind, as opposed to in the London air. When the shine on your week dulls a bit, and you realise in an entirely unimportant in the grand scheme of things, First World Problem sort of way...

...that it's just been one of those days.


Breeza said...

Sorry your day was bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
And I have the same problems with my piece of crap HTC too. So over that company.

j said...

This was my captured it perfectly.

Perakath said...

My HTC phone was a piece of crap too.

Anonymous said...

I ditched my three month old HTC and went back to the boring conformity of a Blackberry. Much better.

modelofamodernmajorgeneral said...


treacle said...

Ack! It's the weekend now. Go forth and have you some JOY x

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Breeza - I really wanted to like my HTC. But it's rubbish.

j - Onwards and upwards, eh?

Perakath - Seems to be a recurring theme...

Perp - I've forgotten what a decent phone feels like. I'm used to waiting 5 minutes for my messages to load.

Model - You said it.

Treacle - I intend to make the most of it!

Brennig said...

Which HTC?

And bad days? Sad days? Just feeling down and blue days?

I have them by the handful, but even my handful is getting smaller with the help of fantastic people and excellent friends.

fwengebola said...

I will trade one of your days for one of my days, no bloody problem.


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