Friday, 1 October 2010

Oh yeah! And I'm an idiot.

My two very good friends from university, Stingray and Jellyfish
(actual names have not been changed) and I are long overdue a
reuinion. We have boyfriends to discuss, travel photos to pore over,
wine to drink...and I owe Jellyfish big time after delivering me cake
on a flight

So back in August, we converged diaries and came up with a date we could all do.

This week and last, emails have been flying between the three of us as
we geared up for our weekend, due to take place in the Jellyfish's
home town, Manchester.

They've always been a super organised pair. But according to my brain,
diary, phone calendar, and the month's plans I'd organised around it,
the 8th was still a whole week away. Therefore I played along with
their plan-making emails all week, discussing clothes, the weekend's
activities, and sleeping arrangements; blaming excitement for the
premature arrangements, but not really feeling the urgency.

Perhaps you can imagine my confusion, then, when the following text
message beeped through at 8am this morning,

Stingray: Hey love! What time are you finishing work, so I know when
to collect you? Woo! Excited!xx

To which my first thought and reply was "Today? It's next week we're
going, isn't it?"

While I waited for the 'Oh, silly me' text to arrive, I opened up my
gmail account and scanned my emails for August. My stomach and heart
dropped as I clocked the words "1st October it is!". Then I answered
my own text with 'Oh, shit'.

I'm not entirely sure at what point my brain read the number "2" and
switched it for a number "8", or when "the first weekend in October"
became the second, and I expect I never will. But it was definitely
before I arranged, booked and paid for a non-refundable hotel in Portsmouth on the same weekend, and failed to notice any (and there
are many) clues in emails that suggested I'd got it all very wrong.

After leaving a series of panicked, very apologetic voicemails, I was
on the receiving end of a phonecall from Stingray which began with the
words, "Hahahaha, Jo, you're a dick."

Yes, I am.

A dick who from this moment on, promises to read emails more
throroughly in the future.


Anonymous said...


I turned up to my motorbike theory test at 9am on a rainy Saturday, dragging the then boyfriend out of bed at 7.30 to drive from mid-Dorset to Bournemouth. I waited around outside as we were early and I didn't want to look too keen.

And I was early. Indeed, I was.

A week early.

I can't read either.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Glad it's not just me who is excelling themselves in the Failure to Read stakes.

Luckily I have two very good natured friends, who will not get angry, as they both have boyfriends happy to keep them occupied.

A new date is getting arranged on Monday. But god, I feel like such an idiot.

Ellie said...

Now we know it happens to the best of us! x

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I'll hold on to that thought, Ellie.

Anonymous said...

I think everybody has done something like that at some point.

(Not me of course, well um possibly once or twice...)


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