Sunday, 5 September 2010

Olympus in 'CAMERA ACTUALLY WORKS!!!' shock

I spent the best part of three months cursing Olympus cameras.

See, when the Boy arrived in Australia he brought my Christmas present: an all singing, all dancing super dooper 12 megapixel underwater camera. Awooga, I thought. The Barrier Reef beckoned, and you should have seen my little face at the prospect of getting some h'actual photo action. I was all "Ahhhh yeah, I'm gonna get the fishies! AHAHAHA!", until about a week later when I took it into the sea to play in the waves...but it was all 'Nah, don't fancy this', and died. My spandangulous U-tough underwater camera was a victim of err, water damage. Not so tough after all, it turned out.

So I started using my old Olympus camera. Another member of the U-tough clan. We got as far as the reef, then that broke too, citing irreparable differences with sand.

I unleashed a torrent of abuse about Olympus "tough" cameras to anyone who would listen, and added it to my list of things to complain about when I get back (along with Apollo campervans, the theiving bastards. But that's another story).

Once back in England, I sent my useless, defunct Christmas present back to Olympus for repair, with the note 'Bought for round the world trip. Broke after one week. Stick your camera up your bum-bum'. Or words to that effect. They responded by not repairing my camera at all.

They replaced it. With a newer, even better, even more expensive model.

So not only am I super impressed with the customer service, but after putting it through it's paces this weekend, I reckon the waterproof functionality is pretty good too.

It wasn't exactly the Barrier Reef, but at 12:15am in a North London bar, it was as close as you were ever going to get.

And for future reference, that'll teach the birthday girl to leave boys, beer and technology unattended.


nuttycow said...

And I presume you'd had a couple of beers by this point too judging by the blurryness of the photo!

not twitter said...

Out of interest, what do Olympus cameras normally drink?

James said...

So where's the pic from the beer glass facing outwards? ;)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Nutty cow - You know dis. I was hamm-aardddd.

James - Haha. Well, seeing as you asked: clicky

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Is there a 12 step program for portable technology suffering from alcoholism??

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Scarlett - It's a terrible affliction, the camera is working hard to get over all it's problems.


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