Friday, 23 April 2010

De Ja Vu

While I’ve been sunning myself on Bondi Beach this week, the Boyfriend continues his epic mission across Europe. In fact, his current travel plan sees him cover more countries in five days than I plan to on my entire trip. How's that for progress.

So, the update. Instead of waiting for his Monday flight from London, he decided to try and fly out of somewhere in Europe. He took the Eurostar to Paris, where he discovered that all trains to Spain and other airporty places were full, and got interviewed by BBC Radio 1. He then queued up to buy a return ticket to the UK, and by chance, got talking to someone who told him that he could get a coach instead. After an overnight stay and 16 hours on a coach, he arrived in Madrid.

You with me? Right. So today, he’s got a flight from Madrid to Cairo, Egypt. After an hour there it’s onto Dubai, where he’s got a fourteen hour wait, then another flight to Singapore for another little stop. He’ll finally arrive, completely exhausted and malnourished from an airline food overload, in Sydney on Sunday evening.

Part of me is expecting him to arrive as planned. Another part is fairly convinced that something else is bound to go wrong. A third part is going “Shit the bed, Jo. This bloke must really like you to make all this effort. You better look hot, and buy a proper box for the presents you were just going to wrap in newspaper”. Oh, and the fourth part is quietly hoping that my freshly waxed bits stop resembling a plucked turkey by the end of the weekend.

Still, if this whole episode has taught us anything, it’s that you really can’t control Mrs Mother Nature. Well, that’s what I’ll be telling The Boyfriend anyway, when the predicted 26 degree heat on Saturday inexplicably drops to rain and cloud just in time for his arrival. Ha.

Fingers crossed again please: for weather, for imminent arrivals, and my red bumpy waxy bits. Ta.


nuttycow said...

He's so dedicated. I hope you have a fantastic time!


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Take it from me, he's not going to notice the red, waxy, bumpy bits. Men don't notice that stuff. We don't care. I'm sorry that may sound callous, but women worry about those thing a hell of a lot more than men do.

Brennig said...

I find myself grinning. :-)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

nutty cow - dedicated / gagging for a bit of action after a 5 month drought. Either or. ;-)

Unbearable - That's music to my ears. But put it this way, he'd definitely have noticed if I HADN'T waxed. Ha.

Brennig - Are you laughing at my bumpy bits?

Anonymous said...

I think he'll be more interested in you lady bumps than your bumpy bits.

I'm trying to get the picture of your freshly waxed bits out of my head. Instead I've replaced it with one of you walking like John Wayne next Tuesday.

Hope all goes well.

Brennig said...

Sweetness, I have never laughed at a lady's lumpy bits and not about to start now. It's the romance of the story that makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Has he arrived yet then?


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