Monday, 19 April 2010

Alternative methods of transport

In the face of Volcanic defeat, the Boyfriend has been looking into more, well, alternative methods of getting to Australia.

"But" I said, one hand on my phone, the other tapping on my newly "Alt+F10" rejuvenated netbook, "You're not seriously considering this though, are you? Like, really-really?"

He'd been talking excitedly for about five minutes while I tried and failed to re-download Skype on the intermittent, but free, internet connection at my quiet little Auckland hostel. I tuned back in to hear the rough itinerary for the latest plan, which involved getting a train from the UK through Europe, and eventually flying to Australia from - of all places - Moscow. By changing trains just twice.

"I could do it Jo! There's a train leaving" click click click, "an hour! I could be there by Wednesday! It would be an adventure."

"And if you get half way there and then hear that flights have resumed in the UK? Or you get to Moscow and find that the ash cloud has beaten you to it?" I ventured, suddenly aware of the curious looks my roommate was giving me.

"Yeah. Hmm. Well...but would I need a visa for Russia or could I just turn up, do you reckon?"

"Boyfriend, I know as much about getting into Russia as you do about horses."

"I know loads about horses. They have long faces."

"Yeah, four legs and a tail, too. You're not getting the train to Russia."

After at least fifteen minutes of seriously contemplating Operation Moscow, holes were beginning to appear in the plan. One, the expense. Two, the time it would realistically take. Three, the fact that it was a fairly ridiculous idea to start with. Eventually, and with no resolution in the pipeline, we both rang off in order to eat (him: breakfast, me: dinner). An hour later, my phone beeped.

Text Message
From: The Boyfriend
To: Me

:( have rebooked my flight for next monday 26th. She said when it clears they will put more flights on so might be able to get one end of the week if it does. Have fun without me :( If it carries on tho, train it is. I will get to you no matter what! Miss you xxxx

All being well, he'll arrive here a week on Wednesday. All not being well, I'll be shipping him an ushanka and a bottle of vodka for the ride.

And oh, hold the front page. Seconds away from clicking publish, and there's another phone beep.

Have a new travel idea. Gonna make a few calls may be en route soon x x x

All aboard Puff the Magic Dragon, perhaps?


Blue soup said...

Aw, he is a total sweetheart. Hang on to him!

Kirsty said...

He sounds like a resourceful laddie... I think the idea of training it to Moscow sounds AMAZING! But can he get money back on flights missed?

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Glad to hear you have your netbook back. Technology was suppose to set us free but we’re more tethered now that we’ve ever been. I spoke to my friend in London. He said the skies were a clear blue.

Young love. Holy Christ. In the end I sure hope it’s worth all the angst. If you think about the scope of this whole affair, your timing couldn’t have been worse. Meeting someone just as you leave for an extended period of time! And then a volcano! A fucking volcano! Who saw that coming?

Anonymous said...

Well all being well there might be some flights tomorrow, so you may see him slightly sooner than you think.

Ellie said...

You guys are going to shag like rabbits.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

blue - He is lovely. I intend to.

Kirsty - To be honest I don't think Moscow is really a goer...but yes, if he did find another route then Qantas would refund his ticket, or part of it anyway.

Unbearable - Telllll me about it. The pressure is now unreal. Can you imagine if, after all this, one or both of us decide it's not going to work? We irritate the hell out of each other within weeks of travelling? Believe me, it's all going through my mind!

Perp - Yeah, there's hope courtesy of the BBC website. But we'll see. He's thinking of trying to fly out of elsewhere in Europe if its still a mess in a few days.

Ellie - One rabbit might be passing through Madrid soon if all this keeps up. Hold onto your hats ;)

Fen said...

Southern Spain and Italy still have flights, tell him to get on his (metaphorical) bike and fly from there!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Fen, he's one step ahead of you, it seems :-/


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