Thursday, 18 March 2010

Why, I don't think you've been formally introduced. Let's go back to August 2009.

We met outside the Windmill on Clapham Common.

I'd love to tell you every intricate detail, the very first words and all that, but well, you know. I'm partial to a little of ye olde memory lapse after 12 hours of dancing and drinking the day away in a London field (or at an all night illegal rave in Wiltshire, depending on who you ask). With the Cool Dance Music Weekender half done, but not wanting to go home just yet, me and my two companions went across the Common where an after party was in full swing outside the pub. It was loud, lively and bloody hell, there was a massive queue for the girls' loo.

With my body gearing up to reject my 356th cider, I wondered off for a bit of alone time. Leaning against a bench, I got talking to a bloke doing the same next to me. A bloke who, in my inebriated state, I estimated to be good looking and a little bit taller than me. Then he stopped leaning, stood up straight and towered over me from over 6ft up, and revealed he was 22. Oh, hellooo.

"I was DJing here earlier. That's my mate" he said at one point, mentioning towards the decks.
"Ha. Is that a line?" I asked.
"What?! No!"
"Oh come on, the old I'm a deeejaaaay line, heard that one before" I replied, grinning and probably slurring a bit.

Not long after that, I convinced him and his mates to stay out and come with us to a nearby club. For some reason, the 'nearby club' ended up being The Egg. A £40 cab ride to the other side of London later, and I get ID'd on the way in. Unperturbed by being with an older girl who three people just doubted was even 18, we slipped off away from the others and sat outside on the concrete floor of the club's chill out area. Well, he sat on the floor. I sat in a puddle and got a wet arse. After another £40 back to Clapham, he joins me back at our borrowed lodgings for the night. I mistake Big Ben for the Moon on the way.

Waking up after a heavy night next to someone you don't know is one thing. Finding yourself gazing at them thinking 'Wow. He is beautiful' is the bit that makes you nervous.

"Well, that was nice" I thought, as we parted company hours later at Clapham High Street station. "But oh well. Doesn't matter if nothing comes of it. I'm going away soon, after all".


It's now just 33 days until he gets here.

Then I'm off into a relationship which is based on two months of being together and five months of, well, Skype. And hundreds of text messages.

So, anyone know what happens next?

(And more importantly, does he get to read the blog?)


Elaine said...

What happens next is you have a f*****g fantastic time together.

Yes, he gets to read the blog but only if you're ready for the questions :)

nuttycow said...

Ooooo - exciting!!

And no, he doesn't get to read the blog. Not yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

You'll have a ball that's what's going to happen next i reckon

Why not tell him you blog but not the address unless he badgers you about it?

Blonde said...

No. He doesn't get to read it. No, no, no.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Elaine - Ahh, the questions. Like 'Jo, you harsh bitch, why did you take a picture of that man on the tube?'

nuttycow - Not yet. Hmmm. So when is the correct time to let Blog and Boyfriend meet?

LizSara - Ah he knows I blog. He's wanted to read it, but also respects the fact it's my thing. It just blurs what I can and will probably write about him if he doesn't read.

Blonde - But see, the ex got to read it, it was almost a policy of mine. which is where my dilemma sits.

Miss Milk said...

Don't let him! Don't!

Kirses said...

mmm tall fellas...

Fen said...

What happens next? It doesn't matter, just go with the flow and ENJOY!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Nutty is 100% correct. Keep it to yourself for the time being. Remember, once you reveal it, it can't be undone. You can't un-ring a bell.

P said...

Have fun!

And don't feel like you have to let him read the blog until you're ready!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to read between the lines here, you don't make it easy, but are you looking forward to seeing your bf? Call it a hunch.

Also, keep blog hidden.
We all always need some secrets. I imagine if he knew where to find the blog then you'd start to self-edit the thoughts as you publish them. Maybe not, maybe I'm thinking I'd do that, you may be different.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't share your blog, just a hunch that you'll regret doing so sooner rather than later.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Miss Milk - OK! OK! I won't! ;)

Kirses - Mmmmmm indeed. Kisses on tip-toes.

Fen - Sterling advice. Now all I have to do is put it into practice!

Unbearable - You're so wise and authoritative. Like Aslan without the weird allegorical shit.

P - It'll be like a true relationship test won't it? Never mind 'will he still like me if I fart', lets try 'will he still like me if he reads my blog'. The 21st century girl's dilemma.

not twitter - Looking forward to seeing him? I can't wait to see him! Then I can finally discover what this relationship is like when we don't have the threat of me running off for 5 months on our minds. I'm excited and very curious about what will happen.

Perp - You're probably right. I don't want to have to edit my thoughts. Although I expect that one day I'll want to share this little corner of web joy...

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... I love this story! SW4?

I say not yet.

Bender's Better Brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh, you've been in the dust bowl too long talking to the gee-gees. I got it first time, your enthusiasm clear, countdown clock clicking and all that. Was trying to be funny.
Anyway, 32 days now...

p.s. diarise leg maintenance for 31 days.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

OH I hate missing the point in a sarcastic comment. Makes me feel American :(

(no offence americans)

And leg maintainence has begun. It's going to be a hairy process. Arf.

And Rosie - SW4 indeed. If I'm back in time it's definitely on the agenda again. Anniversary rave up.

Martin said...

Awesome news, I've just got back from visiting the Girlfriend in Canada, a truly awesome experience, I'm going back over in 7 (now 5 1/2ish) weeks.

I'm with the commenters, no big blog reveal just yet, and I'm with the metaphor, no un-ringing of bells, it's a one-way street. Keep the mystique and intrigue a little while longer.

I know one of the reasons I like the blog is that it's very open, honest and personal, and I think that's related to the relative anonymity and the freedom that gives you to be honest, so, I'd say, as the level of trust grows, when you feel like you're as honest with him in real life as you are/were with your blog audience in the most open, honest, random, weird and uncomfortable post in the archive, that's when to show him.

But that's just my opinion... hurrah for new arrivals!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Bonjour Martin. A very wise first comment indeed.

You're right when you say that the anonymous aspect of my blog gives me a certain freedom. However, when I started this blog I had a boyfriend. He knew about and read it, and I was happy with that - quite frankly because it then stopped me writing about our relationship (which is always one to avoid in my books, apart from when we broke up, then I went nuts on the subject. ) and I liked having someone to share this little secret bit of my life with. But anyway, with this new boyfriend...I suppose, yes, you're right again and the archive comment is a very good idea! I should just wait and see. I'd feel more comfortable in a way if he did read it, but then it could be fun in a blog worthy sense if he didn't. But trouble if he then did.

Ah, dilemma.

Kirses said...

Annoyingly I let my ex in on the blog thing - and have since been unable to go let fly on the subject of breaking up...but in a way thats a good thing because I have the feeling I couldnt do that and retain my dignity...


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