Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Oompa Loompa dippity doo

Coral Bay is a difficult place to drag yourself away from. The lifestyle here is about as relaxed as it comes; it’s a one street town –and even calling it a town is pushing it – where the sole attraction is the Ningaloo reef. Aside from a couple of tiny, expensive supermarkets, a campsite, hotel, hostel and a small number of dive shops, there’s unlikely to be much to satisfy someone who doesn’t like spending all day on a beach. Luckily me and the beach, including the incredible expanse of coral reef within wading distance from the shore and vaaaast quantities of irritating, sticky sand, have become well acquainted. Turtles, stingrays, and more neon fish than you can shake a stick at are a daily occurrence that I’m reluctant to give up.

By the time I leave on Saturday I’ll have been here exactly two weeks. Aside from the crystal clear, 27 degree water which still leaves me dribbling like a pensioner on acid every time I walk through it, the other thing that’s kept me here is my bank balance. Let’s just say I’ve taken on a...a...sanitation role, oh alright – a cleaning job, in exchange for free accommodation at the hostel. For two hours each day, paradise is interrupted by a list of chores including shower scrubbing, kitchen wiping and err – window cleaning. News shock: 5 ft 3 girl cleans window twice her height with startlingly bad results, but generally the jobs are painless and give a bit of structure to an otherwise lazy day.

There are four of us ‘Oompa Loompas’, as we’re "affectionately" called, working for our keep. Yesterday me, Bill and Ted were joined by a German girl whose onward travel plans are much the same as mine (ie. She has none). So together, we’ve hatched a plan. The desolate Kimberley region in the north west, now entering its quiet wet season, is sitting about 17 hours up the coast. It’s the wrong time of year to go but the humidity, heat, flooding and electrical storms currently whipping through Broome are just a few reasons that have intrigued us enough to go up there.
The question is...how? A plea for help has been put on the hostel notice board in hope of finding some kind soul with two spare seats heading in the same direction. If no one responds, we’ll hop on a bus to the next town, Exmouth, and try our luck there.

At this rate, I’ll be spending Christmas on an empty road trying to keep scenes from Wolf Creek out of my sweaty, overheating head...but at least I’ll have something to write home about. Providing I still have my hands, that is.


Robbie said...

It's really starting to sound like a proper back packing holiday. Getting very envious now Jo.
Pleased to see your fitting in to the whole experience quite easily.

So how did you get the job? Did you ask for it or do they advertise that kind of thing in the hostel?

Elaine said...

Can you hear that? It's me stamping my feet like a child and saying "I WANNA GO!"

Hey, when you leave that place, can you put in a good word for me? I can clean...I'll even bring a ladder. But will they pay for my flights?

Bender's Better Brother said...

Seventeen hours. You should be on a different continent after travelling that long.
Sounds like a remote Christmas is on the cards, with strangers and freaks.

Chellebab said...

Hi, I have a Best Blog award for you on my blog. I hope you would like to accept it but quite understand if you prefer not to participate. Best wishes, Michelle

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Robbie - Yeah it's getting more and more adventurous by the day...however I'm not sure how successful I'll be in getting where I want to be ...time will tell ;) As for the job, they have signs up in the hostel so I just had to ask then wait for a space to become available. Its saved me a fair bit of money though.

Elaine - Hehe. I will put in a good word and you too can be an oompa loompa :)

benders - Strangers and freaks...yep...sounds about normal! Will it be pesto and pasta for christmas dinner...that is the question.

Chellebab - Hey thanks! I don't really have the internet time to reciprocate at the moment, but thanks for the thought :) It's appreciated!

fwengebola said...

Australia? Bloody hell, I'm out of the loop. Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah!You made it to my favourite place on earth! Please have a snorkel for me....maybe with a manta ray or two,

Is there still a baker? (6 or 7 years ago} he used to make the most incredible pies (clam chowder, mmm} and when the then only bar closed, at about 4, everyone would go down and hang outside his shop, where the first batch would just be coming out of the oven. He would have his radio on really loud, and I seem to recall also some disco lights but I could be wrong, and the party would continue there, aided by freshly baked pies and stunning sunrise.

Coral Bay, I miss you. :(

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Fwenge - Only 5 weeks ago...Keep up love!

Anon - Yes! Oh Coral Bay is amazing isn't it? I'm back here again as Exmouth wasn't up to much. The bakers is still here, aside from the beach it's probably my other favourite place. You can still rock up at 3am and tap on the window and have some half price baked goodness too...it's the Coral Bay version of a kebab shop hehe. This place is truly incredible. I hope it stays as empty and untouched as it is now...


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