Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I'm all of a jitter. Proper restless.

It's not even that I'm jittery about going away, I'm just bored because for the first time ever I'm unemployed and not looking. I'm sitting at home, bumbling about, ploughing my way through boxes of chocolate and staring at a half packed backpack.

Look kids, I shit you not:

Shut up, my carpet's well nice.

Anyway, I ordered a load of stuff off Amazon on Monday - you know, travelly type stuff such as the ever attractive navy fold up kagool... hoping it would arrive by the end of the week. Note I just hoped this would happen, and didn't think to order anything by express delivery given that I leave on Monday morning. No, no. That would be far too intelligent. Happily, I've received precisely sweet F.A so far, so things are really looking positive on that front. A great time for me to put my trust in Royal Mail.

Oh, while we're on the subject, can we all put our hands together and spank the Post Office for royally cocking up my Post Office credit card application? In 25 years, I've never had anything go missing at the hands of Royal Mail. Yet the one time I give my Post Office credit card application documents (nothing too personal, just a bank statement, account numbers and payslip. You know, standard, identity theft-proof items) to a member of Monument Post Office staff to submit on my behalf, they miraculously disappear into thin air. What's that? March into the branch and kick off in front of everyone, you say? What a marvellous idea. Consider it done. No, really.

Now common sense denotes the use of some kind of internal post system or special / recorded delivery might be in place for dealing with such documents. Apparently not. After telling me this week that my application has expired, the nice Irish Post Office Credit Card Customer Service Representative then suggested that in future, it's safer to post these things myself.

That's right, in future, don't give your Post Office credit card application documents to a Post Office member of staff to send off. They will send it first class, not recorded, not internally, and it will get "lost in the post". Then they'll blame the strikes, despite the fact that they hadn't happened yet back then.

It will then be too late for you to reapply. And no other credit card will touch you because the application wasn't concluded. So everyone, come on. Everyone give the Post Office - and Royal Mail - a biiiig round of a applause.

Useless turnips.


Robbie said...

Have you got ESP. I was just thing "nice carpet, ha"

Ill do a little Post Office dance for you to try and turn your fortunes around.

(Nice spelling)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

That carpets been with me since I was a nipper.

And thank you, I spell checked it with precision.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

(for these in-jokes and more, please see me being bored as hell all day, every day on twitter. I've removed the update protection for a day to see what happens. @pleasedonteatjo)

Anonymous said...

Ugh I HATE packing... Chocolate seems like the right idea.

So what are you going to do credit card-wise? Surely you needed it for your travels?

Miss Milk said...

Woah, you just stuffed that post with Brit-speak, didn't you? Practicing for the antipodes? They'll love it. :)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I thought the best part of a trip was the anticipation leading up to it? Well, you've certainly turned that on its head. Please STEP AWAY from the box of chocolates and nobody will get hurt.

Elaine said...

A parcel arrived at work yesterday for someone who moved out of the building in the summer. I opened it up and looked at the invoice. It was ordered on Dec 8th last year.
Yep, Royal Mail are shite.

Oh God. That came round quick. Is it really D Day on Monday? I've almost got butterflies for you.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

roseski - Its not that I needed the card for money, more security. Just so if I book flights and stuff, it's covered. I'll just have to go without and ask the rents to lend a hand. Or a card ;)

Miss Milk - G'day sheila!

Unbearable - Its not my fault, people heard I was leaving and are plying me with gifts of chocolatey goodness. I can only imagine that they either don't want me to go, or want me to go and be fat.

Elaine - I'm nervous for me. Eeeeeek. Oh, wait. As I type this, I just heard something drop onto the mat downstairs. I'm trying to remember what I ordered that was letter box sized.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...


Grump said...

I'm excited for you even if you aren't yet. I expect once you start moving it will fall into place.
I look forward to knowing how you go with the padlock. Is it one of those that the customs officer can open but not others?
It's almost Summer here. Hot Hot.
Woof x


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