Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fat ankles, seat choices, and unseasonal accessories.

My journey was split into two bits. First was the 12 hour mission from London to Singapore, then a little break in plush Singapore airport before another 7 hours onto Perth. And yowza, even in the relative comfort of Singapore Air economy, where screens in front of the seats provide hours of entertainment and you are fed, watered and smiled at every hour, on the hour, it was still exhausting. Sitting on your arse watching your (f)ankles grow is tiring business.

Granted, most of the exhaustion was emotional. Having said a teary goodbye to the Boyfriend at Heathrow departures, I wondered through reluctantly as reality hit me; I’m not going to see him on anything other than a Skype screen for five months. I was too busy wiping away tears to realise I’d be flying into 30 degree heat clutching the big, woolly white winter scarf I’d worn to the airport and had forgotten to leave in the car. Brilliant.

I’d already checked in online where I could choose my seat, but was upset to discover that technology hasn't evolved enough for you to choose your neighbouring passenger. Both can make or break a long haul flight. Deciding on a seat is always a bit of a conundrum. You don't want a talker, or a fatty, or heaven forbid, a child within kicking distance. Then there's seats. Choose aisle, and face the prospect being woken up (that’s assuming you get to sleep at all, of course) for trips to the toilet and general cabin walkabouts. The middle seat – well – no one likes the middle seat, unless you’re 8 stone and 5 ft 3, in which case you’re used to getting that particular short straw by now in cars or anywhere there’s a lack of space. Or there’s the window seat. Choose window, and you get the view, somewhere to rest your head and no one disturbing you. To sit here though, you have to either have a huge bladder or a penchant for disturbing two complete strangers from their slumber. I was window, and luckily had very polite neighbours.

And so it goes, after 12...20...God, I don’t know how many non-sleeping hours, I arrived in Western Australia. I just woke up and it still feels a bit odd, to be honest. Excitement hasn't hit yet, I just feel a bit strange. A bit dozy. A bit alone. A bit dazed. A bit sans Boyfriend. A bit "god, I'm really far away".

Oh, and a bit "You massive plum. Why the hell have you brought a massive winter scarf?"


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Ditch the scarf. It'll be a Zen moment in non-attachment. I work with people who fly all over the world on a regular basis. Can you imagine the horror of doing that ALL THE TIME? I don't know what motivates them. Glad you hear you touched down.

Elaine said...

My ankles look like that ALL the time.

Where are you staying? Are you in some plush hotel or in a tent? Do tell!


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Unbearable - I was thinking that on the plane, like how to people do this all the time? Saying that though, it was a huge airbus which had individual suites for the very rich business people. I think I could cope with that.

Elaine - I'm staying with family friends out in the suburbs. All very relaxed and comfortable I'm afraid!

Robbie said...

When you say "polite" do you mean quiet?

I've always wanted to be a talker but get sitting next to old people.

Funny story, on my flight in to London last week, old Daily Mail couple were playing hangman on the back of their paper. Ladies clue;husband has to guess it, the letters were
"a e r o _ l a n _"
I was screaming with my eyes "WE'RE IN ONE!!!11111"
He did actually take a guess while I watched and got hung a little before realising his stupidity.

Kirsty said...

Trust me. Five months feels like a lot right now, but it's a drop in the ocean. My bf in Kenya can't get Skype, and we've been apart for three months already - it's not always fun but it's definitely manageable.
Enjoy your first few days!

sas said...

i've done that trip 9 times and it's ALWAYS shit. pleased you made it to the southern hemi in one piece.

that where the fuck am i and what time is it feeling will last about a week :)

Hails said...

Yay - I thought from your last post that you weren't going to blog while you were away, and I was so looking forward to reading about your adventures! The jetlag and general confusion lasted about a week for me. Just try not to sleep during the day no matter how tired you feel! Have fun, and keep posting...

PS - Have just realised that your blog roll is entitled "not annoying", and I'm on it. This has made me irrationally happy. :)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Robbie - haha, that's great. I love old people (not to sit next to on a long haul though). And yep, polite is AKA quiet and tolerant of my trips to the loo.

Kirsty - You're right. 5 months is not alot, and having a netbook is helping so much. We can email all we want, and communication is really quite cheap. A lot more so than the last time I was here.

sas - A whole week! Oh bloody hell.

hails - Yeah I like your stories from korea. I find them quite intriguing as its a culture so alien from the west. thought i'd share the wealth.

miss*H said...

I once spent 9hrs sat next to a very fat smelly sweaty American lady who hogged the arm rests and tutted very time I moved or wanted to go to the loo. I think i might have experienced air rage during those 9 LONG hrs.

The only way flights are bearable are if you can afford business/first class which unfortunately in my lifetime I will never experience

What do you think of it over there so far?

Kirses said...

weird i'm still recovering from my return journey from over there. by the way i recommend premium economy (if not the price). Especially air nz

James said...

Good luck!

jo said...

i love perth! long flights are tough. and well, if i'm flying alone, i always choose the aisle seat 'coz i pee all the time haha!

Grump said...

Welcome aboard. I hope you have a safe trip.

Kate said...

I love the scarf comment so funny. Hope you have a fantastic time - am so jealous I want to go to Australia!

Kate xx


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