Monday, 7 September 2009

Mature adult seeks key

As you well know, I still live with the radio rentals. Not ideal, but once you start bandying the words 'credit crunch', 'recession' and 'unemployment' around, it doesn't sound too bad, does it? Twenty five, living with the parents, no permanent job...Ahh, but we're in a recession. Phew. That's alright then. Doesn't that word just get everyone out of every imaginable situation at the moment? Brilliant, isn't it?

Anyway. Clearly, living at home is not such a bad thing, there are a million and one up-sides so obvious that I don't need to list them. But last week, I actually lost count of the times I said the following sentence in the stroppy teenage voice that hasn't quite left me yet: "Mum! It's fine! For gods sake, I'm nearly 25!"

My birthday celebration on Friday was no exception. By and large I'm given the freedom to come home, or not, whenever I want. I just have to let my mum know what I'm doing before I hit the sack. That could be 9pm, 1am, 3am, whenever I make the decision about how my night will end. But for some reason, my birthday was different. She wanted to know not just hours in advance, but days. Would I be coming home, or staying at a friends? "I don't know" didn't cut it. She thought I should decide right now, on Wednesday, how my night would end on Friday. The reason? Well, if I was going to get 'drunk and disorderly' (her words, I kid you not), then she wanted to know where I was ending up. Fair enough. I am 25, all responsible n that and I can look after myself. And that is what I shall do.

Yeah...pretty much ballsed up those plans.

True to form, with the night progressing from the pub where we'd started onto a club in Camden, I secured a bed for the night and fired off a text message. "Mum, Staying at hjoffs. sEe you tomnrow". But a couple of hours later, and with another friend also without a bed for the evening, I changed my mind. "Yes! Come back to mine and stay over! We've got toast!" I enthused, as the five remaining party goers hopped into a taxi back to our various homes.

Halfway into the journey, I started scrabbling about in my bag. Hmmm. That's odd. Could have swore...oh. Bit of a pain, that. I picked up my phone.

Ever get that funny feeling when you're on your way home at 4am and you realise you don't have your house keys and have lost a shoe??x

In trying to negotiate a two person entry through a window at 4:30am, I woke up the dogs. Barking ensued. Eventually I gave up and rang the doorbell. More barking. Doorbell again. After a few minutes it opened revealing a robed, sleepy figure.

"Hi dad! Sorrryyyy, forgot my key!" I hobbled in as he looked on, baffled. He started to shut the door; only to see another figure totter through the door after me mouthing "Hellooo, sorrryy!".

My dad sighed and started back up the stairs.

"Happy birthday, Jo."

At 25, I am responsibility personified.


All Mod Cons said...

Ha, fantastic. At least it was only 1 other person and not a small army, right?

If you wanted to carry on your birthday celebrations this week, may I suggest the 100 Club on Thursday night. The Moons are playing (Andy Crofts band, plays with Weller) and it's only £8. Now that's a Credit Crunch busting bargain I tells ya.

sas said...

I forgot my key once. Dad yelled at me to sleep in the effin shed. I never forgot it again.

Anonymous said...

You know what, it is nights like those he'll secretly miss the most when you are backpacking through outer Mongolia shortly!

Ellie said...

Ahhh. It makes your parents feel young!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Did you bring home a fella?! That would have (did?) take some big brass ovaries.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

All mod - Yes, just the one person (this time) and thanks for the musicy gig suggestion.

sas - I'd quite like a shed, as long as it had a bed in it I'd be fine. Or a sofa.

perp - Thats what I keep telling him, although he remains unconvinced.

Ellie - Yeah, they love it. I can see it in their eyes!

Unbearable - A fella who totters? Behave!

Evie said...

Boyf had alcohol fuelled night out a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get in...

so at 1am after several unsuccessful phone calls to parental home & mobiles, ended up he inadvertanly woke the neightbout by banging on the front door tad too loud

Anyhoo said neighbour leant him a ladder so he could climb up and shout through parentals open window... :)

Got in eventually after mum realised where he was...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to mover back in with the parents when we move back to the UK as well... I am NOT looking forward to it at all.

Brennig said...

Look at it this way, you're making them feel needed. Hell, they should pay for that! :-)

jo said...

hahaha! classic! i love this :) and happy belated birthday to the oh so responsible one.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Evie - That's a brilliant story! Love it. It actually made me consider putting a ladder somewhere...although a key is probably a safer idea at 4am.

PJB - Yes, not only will you be without sun, you'll have parents to contend with too!

Brennig - Can I get that in writing? Maybe they'd believe it coming from someone else ;)

Haha, Thanks jo!

CoatMan said...

Oh my giddy aunt - and I thought it was awkward for me! Dear goodness. Living with parents is very, very not fun (good cooking aside).


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