Friday, 21 August 2009

Fenchurch Street

A rare thing happened this morning. So rare it deserves a post.
It was that thing that happens to the well groomed girls in my favourite bit of the Londonpaper. The ones that wear high heels and still get into work on time, or the quirky girls with a feature worth noticing. i.e. To the girl with bright blue eyes in the green sparkley trousers, our eyes met on the 12.10 to London Bridge. Coffee?
It doesn't normally happen to me. My high heels are in my bag, because only flat shoes can cut a 7 minute walk down to 5, and even then I never make it in on time. My hair's washed the night before, left to dry overnight and shoved up into a messy bun the next morning. The make up's the same every day, nothing remarkable, not flawless but it'll do. I've got a spot today, too. My dress has a couple of black smudges on it but I'm hoping no one's going to notice.
Doing my best Road Runner impression down Fenchurch Street this morning, I noticed a man standing by the side of the road near a taxi. Tall and good looking at a glance. He's looking at me. I look away, dodging the other rat racers on the pavement. I look up again and he meets my eye. After more suit dodging I look up, but for longer this time and he's still looking; raising his eyebrows slightly, like 'Yes, you', and smiling. Our eyes meet again as I pass him, and I smile back.
I keep walking - and I wonder whether to try the next bit before I turn the corner. Whether to leave it there, as a passing smile, or go for the win.  
Oh, sod it.
I look back.
He's still standing there, but has turned around and is still looking at me.
We smile at each other again, both have an embarrassed laugh. Busted. The whole silent exchange took about 10 seconds. Then I was one of those irritating people who walks around London with a big grin on at 9:02am. 
When I see those people, I always check my shoe for loo paper. But maybe they're smiling because someone just made their day.
Have a good weekend all - and on Monday evening, I'll tell you about my (non-boxing related, btw) plan.


Anonymous said...

All you can say to that is...awwww :)

Helen said...

You got that. I got a white van man honking his horn and leering. You win!

blueskies2day said...

So brilliant! I love love love it when that happens. Happy Friday

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I definitely win!

Certainly put a bounce in my step.

sas said...

fantastic way to start friday :)

Brennig said...

Really sweet!

jo said...

ooh nice!! it's a pity you guys didn't exchange digits. i never get that probably 'coz i look unapproachable. i can't help it, it's my face's resting state. i promise you that i'm a lot nicer when you talk to me...

Anonymous said...

Awww! That's so loverly!

I'm the one with the stupid big grin, usually when I've had a text response from the lovely Bren to something stupid I've sent him.

Have a good weekend!
Soph x

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Locking eyes and getting a secret smile in return (instead of a downward glance at the pavement) never gets old. Never, ever, ever.

Elaine said...

God...that hasn't happened to me in years. I soooo envy you!

Can't wait till Monday!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love it!

But I don't love that you're revealing the non-boxing plan when I'm off to India. How is that fair?

AFC 30K said...

Sure as hell beats my friday morning..

2 shitty emails to deal with on my blackberry and a row with the wife all before 7:30am!

Grump said...

I don't get that. But I did get the full monty, while walking the dog early evening, walk past big window and low and behold, stark naked woman holding breasts in her hand and smiling at me. I did a double take and hurried on my way.
Woof x

Blue soup said...

I trust you are going to be checking the Lovestruck pages of the freesheets all week? :P

nuttycow said...

Hahaha - I was going to say exactly the same thing as Soupy.

What do you think it'd say?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Gasp! The Londonpaper is being discontinued after next month. There goes my lovestruck plan.


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