Monday, 29 June 2009

Sun is shining, the red wine is sweet...

I'm still out in France, and the guilt of leaving to come here instead
of taking the interview for a job left me as soon as I'd finished my
first lap of the pool.
There have been eight of us out here since Wednesday, a mixed group of
20-somethings all relaxing, drinking and partying in the sun.

As the only girl still up the night before last, I joined the four
boys in a game of cards; the rules being that the winner of each round
nominates someone else to finish their drink. The only thing left
after a night of revelry was red wine; a plastic 5 litre cask bought
from the local supermarket for 5 Euros. Surprisingly drinkable (this
is France, it was local produce), we topped up our glasses and begun.
After a few rounds, I came in the winner and had to nominate someone
to finish their drink.

In my infinite wisdom, and I was feeling pretty smart to be honest, I
uttered words that were to become my downfall.

"Urrrr, (burp), there's a loophole! No one said it had to be just one
person! ALL OF YOU DRINK!"

I soon found out that the only problem with making four people down an
entire glass of red wine that you then have 4 people ready
to reap revenge on you.

I lost the next five rounds.

And after a 5am vom-athon wake-up call, I learnt my lesson.

Always stick to spirits.


Robbie said...

At least you still have that feeling of being smart and telling everyone else to drink. That was a slick move in my book. Good work.

BlackLOG said...

You should learn to quoff - The ability to spill more than you drink. It gets messy and you get very wet but it does save on all that vomiting and hangover bit.

Lynx said...

Red wine is great going down, but pretty awful when it has to come back up! I hope you didn't consume more than your government-prescribed 14 units during the game!

Glass size can be a contributing factor here. If you've got a 250ml glass of 14% red wine, that's a lot more alcohol than a pint of 4% Fosters (other cheap, fizzy lagers are available).

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, bit of a schoolgirl error with the drinking challenge there :p

miss*H said...

ooh red wine vomit..not good

The Unbearable Banishment said...

You made the absolute right decision in bagging the interview, my dove! Opportunities like that tend to thin out as the years peel away.

weenie said...

Red wine - evil stuff but I can't say no to it either!

Sounds great, except for the vom!


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