Friday, 22 May 2009

Crafty god squad

I'm not at all religious. I'll often thank god, but that's more likely to happen in Kurt Geiger upon finding out beautiful shoes are in my size than in a church on a Sunday. Not that many Christians seem to venture into a church these days anyway. Most of my mates declare their allegiance to the lord having once screamed a church down while having their head dipped into a bird bath as a nipper, but ask them when they last went round his house for a drink and it's a different story. Oh, Christmas Eve eh? Midnight mass after the pub chucked out? Dedication to the cause, that.

So it's understandable that churches might be getting a bit crafty, luring people in with promises of amazing miracles and spiritual well being n all that. Gone are the days of sinister guilt trips and boring incentives. It's all a bit clever now. These days, the church is all about raising a smile and getting all down with the kids.

Or at least our local church in Hull was. They weren't down with the "Jesus Loves You" shiz, no no. They wanted the students to giggle their way through those big wooden doors. So they got their thinking caps on and caught our attention. They'd always use a bit of word play, a pun or two. Sometimes just a question to tickle the drunken insensibility's of students. This photo was on my computer from 2006, entitled "Yes we have!!.jpg" and was taken at around 02:30am on the way back from another successful night at the students' union:

Then a few weeks ago, I returned to my uni town to visit friends and was immensely pleased to discover that 3 years on, and the church is still keeping up its cheerful little marketing campaign. In fact, I'd even say it's upped the ante.

Next week, I'll be heading back up north and you bet I'll be looking to see what little nugget of churchy goodness the Trinity is offering up for drunken worship that week.

I do love a bit of nifty wordplay.

Enjoy le weekend all...


The Unbearable Banishment said...

I’m agnostic. I think that means that I’ll have nothing whatsoever to do with religious institutions, but acknowledge the existence of God just to cover my ass in case they’re right. Have you read the report just released about the abuses of the Catholic Church in Ireland over the past decades? It doesn’t surprise me a bit. How sad is that?

nuttycow said...

How about the excellent "Joiners wanted, apply within. The pay's not much but the retirement benefits are out of this world"

Rage Against The Dying of the Light said...

I didn't realise churches did being witty (other than in a uppity and pious way). In fact, no God Squad people that I know have any sense of humour whatsoever about their religion.

I remember offending one massively by saying that I was "busier than God on the sixth day".

Grump said...

I pass a church on my way to work each day and they have a bill board with weekly sayings. Some attempt to be funny/witty. I will keep and eye out for a catchy phrase for you.
Mark x

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

I wonder if these billboards actually work ...?

Mr. Apron said...

Oh, those kooky religious zealots-- so bloody CLEVAH!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I reckon they work. I'd get down with the god squad, if only they'd let my sinning self through the doors.


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