Sunday, 21 December 2008

I think I missed a day

Friday was a little bit crazy.

Crazy in the way that it didn't seem that crazy at the time, but the next day you wake up, blearly eyed with a full face of make up and unbrushed teeth - thinking "What the hellllll went on last night..."

Vodka. Cocktails. Gin. That's what went on. And lots of it.

A few people including myself were leaving, and it was also Office Hotty's birthday so the full team were out in force; first stop our local cocktail bar where it was 2 for 1 during happy hour. Office Hotty and his graduate friends defied the "eating's cheating" rule by popping off for dinner, but not before the birthday boy came over and asked for my phone number so he could "find out where we all are later". Ahem. The rest of us toddled off to another Camden haunt to continue the send offs and well, this is where things get a bit blurry.

It seemed perfectly normal to be receiving phone calls from Office Hotty asking where we all were, even more normal when he arrived and we stood chatting at the bar for ages. Normal when it reached 12am and, realising that some people were putting their coats on to leave for last trains, that we stood and carried on talking. Then with the clock ticking past 1am, I put my coat on and he did too, and again it seemed like a normal progression. Normal when half hearted attempts were made to get into a closing Camden Town station for trains that had already left, and normal when we wondered down the road aimlessly and then sat at the bus stop and continued to chat.

(About what, I'm not too sure. I think we established I was single. And that he was not.)

After 20 minutes or so I told him to get going, knowing he had a girlfriend waiting for him and a journey to South London to get to her. We hugged, chatted some more, hugged again. My bus came, and I drifted the rest of the way home in a cab.

Me: At baker street waiting for a cab. How u getting on? Thanks for waiting x
Him: Also in a cab! Bus to Elephant and Castle wasn't running. Could get pricey! Waiting wasn't a problem. Quite the opposite in fact. xx

I woke up on Saturday with the most god almightly hangover, equal if not worse than THIS ONE. Yeah, true story. Luckily I could stay in bed all day, which I did. Then I was sick at around 5pm, again at 6pm, cancelled my plans for that evening and went to bed at half 8. Seriously, whatever it was that went down the night before had culminated in the hangover to trump all hangovers.

And on to today. I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Didn't park on certain roads because the restrictions were no parking 9-6pm Monday - Saturday. Then paid for my parking ticket at the shops this afternoon even though on a Sunday, it's free. Was completely baffled as to why most of the shops were shut. Annoyed, even. I just could not work it out.

All in all, this has been a very strange old weekend. A big, blurry, hungover, wipe out of a weekend. What was Friday night about? I don't know. How did I feel so awful when I'd drunk no more than I usually would? I'm not sure.

Good fun, though.


Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

"(About what, I'm not too sure. I think we established I was single. And that he was not.)"

Sounds like a nice `ego-boosting' night. But that's where it will be left though? Eh? Wont it? Eh? Jo ... ?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Most definitely. Jo doesn't do 'complicated'. Straight forward is difficult enough ;)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Lord, how I miss those carefree nights on the town of drunken near-misses. But not the cataclysmic hangovers.

Grump said...

I think you and hotty must be attracted to each other.
I hope you recover fully so you can enjoy Christmas.
Cheers Mark x

Brennig said...

The fact that the office hotty was a guy threw me off balance somewhat! :)

littlemisswonders said...

You think thats bad...I fell out of a rickshaw on Saturday night, I now have two very bruised knees along with pain everywhere else...I'd rather have lost yesterday!

weenie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome night - nice one! I'm just glad I don't do the sick thing too much these days, can guage my alcohol tolerance better these days (or is it cos I can drink more...?)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

unbearable - I think I've missed them, too.

grump - I'm back on my feet again! Have a good christmas.

brennig - Thats a little bit mental...I'm not into nicknaming other women hotties :D

littlemiss - Oh blimey. A rickshaw! one of those ones that zoom around central london?

weenie - I've cut down on the sick thing, there was a phase where I'd regularly get hangovers like this. I think I've fine tuned what makes me sick and what doesn't...hurrah for binge drinking ladies.


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