Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dutty ming mong cup pulls through

Today went downhill. It started well, I got into work with no delays apart from the snooze button on my alarm.
Then I saw a dirty coffee cup on my desk, placed in front of my keyboard so that I couldn't miss it.
It annoyed me, lazing about there all dirty with the remnants of yesterdays tea sitting at the bottom and brown stains round the edge. Needless to say, it wasn't mine. My cup's behind the computer screen with a manky three day old peppermint tea bag in it going a funny colour.
But the difference is I put my dirty cup there and I'm going to clear it away (when I can be bothered).
Someone else put their cup here and expects me to do it for them. Maybe that's my job, maybe it's not - whatever - I don't really care about the details. I'm just glad it's there, because every time my boss leaves his dirty cup on my desk, it gives me the kick up the arse I need.
Lately I've been considering my options about what to do NEXT. January is approaching and with it the deadline I set myself to finish here and get on the career bus. But my options in the last month have widened and are now infinite...there is nothing tying me to anywhere and I have no obligations. I can please myself. I could go abroad. Or stay here. Or do absolutely nothing. I could blow the entire amount I've just earnt on that Dior bag I've had my eye on for the past however long. Who would disapprove? I could become a dog walker. Or move out. Or not. I could carry on doing this job if I wanted to, sod a career for now. Who knows?
Amazingly, I'm not annoyed any more because of that dirty coffee cup. I'm excited because I can do anything and go anywhere.
And you know what?
I'm going to get pizza now. BECAUSE I CAN!


Anonymous said...

sounds good to me!

AFC 30K said...

Get one for me - I'm up to my eyes in in today. For me it'll be a long day as will Friday and I may even have to work the weekend....

That said I suppose I'd better get back to my spreadsheet.....

Homer said...

I'm so jealous. I had my first school-dinner free lunchtime all week. Yesterday's £2.40 offering of one fishcake, four tiny roast potatoes, a ladelful of cabbage, an apple and a bollocking for not informing the kitchen earlier that I wanted a school dinner did not represent good value for money.

Question for yaz. Why do you work? If you won the lottery on Saturday, would you retire? This might help you solve the job/career conundrum.

surviving myself said...

I hear NY is nice this time of year.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

pjb - mmmmmmmm yum yum

afc - ohhh no not working on the weekend! Give yourself a day or two off in lieu next week!

homer - Strangely enough we talked about that at lunch, what we'd do if we were suddenly really really rich. I said I'd still work, probably volunteer somewhere and buy a house with stables and take up riding again.

chris - Ahhhh I'd love to go to NY. Especially at christmas. Maybe I'll save up and do that.

Belle said...

So nice that Im not the only one struggling with the CAREER question!
Might have to shoot you an email re secrertarial work -IS it well paid?Cos what I do isnt, and its what I have my qualification in. :(

We'll get there...we have to!

jo said...

oh the possibilities...

Tick said...

Good for you!!!! I love it when I have those moments of "you know what? actually I can do what I damn well like!!"
Apart from I can't reeeeeally, cos theres the husband and lizard and stuff, but for a while, in my head, I can!!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Belle - Oh it's my eternal dilemma at the moment. I felt so pressured to do something with my degree and get a career, but actually...why do I have to? I can do anything. Feel free to question me about all things secretarial. I work in central London for someone quite high up the chain in a company, so the money's quite good.

jo - indeed!

tick - So many people are limited by things. I suppose you make ur choices and that dictates what you do to an extent...but there's always room for a bit of improvisation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, make the most of your freedom. I really wish I had made more of mine. Whilst I have it back to a degree again now, with the children it isn't really freedom.

I feel quite envious.


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