Friday, 26 September 2008

Your blog on my blog blog blog again

Decided to do it again. Weekly thing? Who knows - here are the posts I haven't been able to comment on this week...
First up, announcement. Londonlass is back! It's strange how you can recognise a writing style, as soon as I found the Mouldy Old Tartlet's new pad I knew it was her. I bloody love this blog. Bring on the embarrassing stories of bodily smells and poop, and the tales of the now not so fledgling relationship with Furry Chipster (I'll take bets on that being his real name). Woop woop! So even though I would like to keep it all to myself, bah:
I swear this spider that Rol found in his bath (bloody massive great big thing, size of a badger apparently) has since migrated across to NW London. His identical twin was last seen scuttling across my bathroom ceiling at 22:00 hours last night. I resisted the 'dad' call. ("DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, There's  HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE spider in the battthhroooooom.") and instead decided to let him rest there for the night. The spider, not my dad. Well, and my dad actually, although only the spider slept in the bathroom.
Congrats to Blue Soup for passing her motorbike test. At least I think she passed. I can only read the first like 5 lines of her blog in the feed reader, so I'm having to wing it a bit and hope there was no bad news at the end. Living on the edge, me. Also, sending good luck your way for whatever it is that's happening on Tuesday...
Loving the comments on David Blaine's latest effo...actually, can you call it an effort? Is there any effort involved in hanging upside down for 40 minutes out of every hour? Unbearable Banishment is quite the fan, I congratulate you for going to see the "spectacle" and not throwing something heavy at him the minute he touched terrafirma (for the eighth time that day.) and Surviving Myself, it's a wonder you don't have crowds surrounding your office with daily magical acts like that.
Cynical scribble, on the subject of confusing taps - the water, not the dancing sort - Topshop oxford circus used to have pretty confusing taps. There was a circular basin that had a pedal going round it which you had to press down with your feet to get water out. It was quite amusing to watch people try and work it out, but they got rid of them eventually. Probably worried about the amount of people who just give up trying to wash and don't bother. Yuck.
 IT Girl's jokey spoof email reminds me of an equally spoof one that does the rounds once a year or so, the one that warns girls about a bloke who hides under your car when you get out for petrol and cuts your ankles or something. What a load of crap. Do these stories ever have a basis?
Pawpads - your husband is a private investigator? Please, please, please show him how to blog.
Reluctant Blogger on Pre Murderous Tension - Strange things happen around that time of the month. I often find myself crying at the most stupid things, like a not particularly sad scene of eastenders or an episode of Jeremy Kyle which usually I'd laugh at or just ignore completely. I also notice that I get irritated very very quickly by the simplest things; very unlike me, as you can imagine.
mjohnson I'd like to commission a portrait of Hamster Sellotape Teeth, please
Girl with the Mask - before you move out, tell your parents to use duct tape instead.
Leaving work at 3pm today and starting the weekend off early, as tonight is party time up in a Mayfair hotel for the boyfriend's mum's birthday. New dress, old shoes, and best of all - I hear rumours of a huge chocolate cake, so definitely not one to be missed. Have a good weekend all.


Rol said...

Excellent - seems my spider was able to follow the map I gave him. "Go seek your fortune in that London," I said, and like Dick Whittington without a cat (well, the cat would have eaten him), off he set.

I do hope you show him a good time down in the bright lights.

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

Oo, Mayfair hotel! V. swanky. I work in Mayfair (well, ok, perhaps not in it as such, but let's just keep that to ourselves ... our clients `oop north' seem to find the Mayfair inclusion in our office address impressive so let's not spoil their dreams, eh?) so know only too well how OTT (sorry, how very very nice) these places can be. Bottoms up!

surviving myself said...

I know! I'm shocked myself.

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks for the mention, Jo.

Hope the chocolate cake lived up to expectations?

The IT Girl said...

Haha,. thanks for the mention also :)

About to go check out the others.


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