Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Oh fa gads sake. I need to get better promotion for next year

Mum: You've got a letter here (pointing at a stiff, bright pink rectangular envelope on the side)
Me: I know, I saw.
Mum: What is it?
Me: Urrr...Hmm, I wonder.
Mum: Eh?
Me: [At this point I realised she was seriously baffled] What do you think it is?
Mum: I don't know.
Me: Let's think. What day is it tomorrow?
Mum: [largely blank expression]
Me: I don't know...could it be...a birthday card?

Mum's don't like it when they're caught on the hop. It goes against everything that they're meant to be; reliable, organised, aware of the date and it's significance: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Jo's Birthday. So when my mum's blank expression quickly turned into a look of horror as she uttered 'Oh god, it's not your birthday tomorrow already is it? God, Nige, we haven't got any cards! I forgot the cards! I didn't realise it was so soon!', attempting to implicate my dad in the whole saga, I realised that whilst everyone else knows what day Thursday is, my parents do not.

2 hours to go, all, to hours to go.

And you know this won't be the last you hear of it.


Anonymous said...

You never know, she may out fox you and her blank 'I've forgotten' expression may be all part of an elaborate hoax.
Never underestimate the power of a mother!

Robbie said...

Hey, Happy Birthday from Spain--it's 0.30 here.

Robbie said...

Also seeing as I am in Thursday I won't spoil what happens with the situation with your mum forgetting it's your birthday....but here's a hint, it's funny.

weenie said...

Many happy returns! My mum also forgot my birthday until one of my sisters reminded her.

In any case, soon I'll be hoping to forget it's my own birthday...

rosiewishes. said...

I'm 6minutes early, and really really in need of sleep so...
Happy birthday!! x

Miss Understood said...

HaPPy BiRThdAy tO YoU
HaPpY bIRThdAy TO yoU
HaPpY BirTHdAy DeAr Jo-AnN-AAaaaa
HapPY BiRthDAy To YoU-uuuuuu.


Cataclismical said...

Happy Birthday to you (would sing but can't)

If it's any consolation, my mum did the same to me this year (although the huge wad of cash she transferred to my account made up for it!)

Tick said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!
Read your blog religiously, love it!!
Have a great day,
Vickie x


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