Monday, 8 September 2008


Today I got a job. It's not what I want to do, in fact quite the opposite; it's something I definitely didn't want to do, but needs must. Those needs being my burgeoning shoe collection and the need to pay my own way, fund some more work experience, and eventually, move away from the land of "Dinner's Ready".

To be fair though, the job doesn't sound too bad. I'll be busy, the office is friendly, and my boss sounds like he needs a bit of help and gentle bullying, which I'm fine with. Yes, I'm back to being a PA (albeit temporarily, three to four months) but crucially, essentially, most IMPORTANTLY...people make their own dinner at this international company. Yeah! That's right, stick your microwaveable dinners up your bum bum, broadcasting company and presenters! The only time I've ever really hated being a PA was at my last job, when my bosses room was completely set apart from my desk, making it pretty hard to complete the 'personal' bit of the job title. Otherwise, it's always been a job I could do, and err, one I'm happy to do when the hourly rate is right. Which now it definitely is.

I need to see this as a money making opportunity. It's not a career choice. It's just money. Then I can go back to the magazine, get more work experience, and get a proper job in something I want to do.

So why do I feel like I've just gone backwards?


The Unbearable Banishment said...

Yippie! Contrats.

Welcome to the working week
I know it don’t thrill you
I hope it don’t kill you

I suggest celebrating by calling in sick your first day. That’ll show them what they’re up against. I wish I had a big bag of money. I’d send it to you so you skip this phase and go directly to something you’re meant to do.

Hannah said...

Pfft. It's not backwards. You never know - it could be the final step before The Next Big Thing. Stuff happens for a reason. Or because you've not got your glasses on, in my case. But for a reason, too.

arbyn said...

Oh well done.

You know, my job started as PA but six months, two raises and a northwardly transfer later I'm definitely not in that roll anymore.

I'm sure things will be the same for you.

Anonymous said...

See, I would have given you a job in a heartbeat. But you'd need to spell 'team' on a regular basis, and I fear that is where you might fall down ;)

Anyhow congrats, you might not be doing what you thought you needed to do, but at least you are doing something. Sometimes it is only when we do something we weren't planning on doing that we find a real opportunity to do something we like.

AFC 30K said...

I'm now 37 and I've still no idea what I want to be. It's great fun though. I'd done so much and had some fun times doing it.

I've valeted cars, been in the army, worked in laundry, owned my own multi million turn over company, been a student, been a civil engineer now I build houses for a housing associayion and am learning HR....

Life is full of twists and turns so just go in with an open mind and see where it takes you. Lets hope that whatever the job turns out to be you have some fun doing it.

Rol said...

You can still open doors when you're moving backwards... just not when you're standing still.

Or something.

Fortune cookie wisdom for today.

weenie said...

Well done - getting a paying job will always be a step in the right direction cos it means less things to worry about eg paying bills etc.

The IT Girl said...

Congrats! :) And it's NOT backwards. I agree with Hannah - it happens for a reason.

Oh, and I've presented you with a blog award, by the way :P Just so you know!


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