Monday, 15 September 2008

Charlie says 'NO!' to technology!

My sister came home from a pub crawl last weekend without her handbag. Stolen from a pub in Borough High Street, the local lynch mob got away with her house keys, wallet, phone, dad's digital camera and consequently, a whooollle load of drunk pouting photos. And that's a shame, because aren't they fun to look through. Ahem.

Anyway. The household insurance covered most of the belongings, including the camera, which was upgraded to a newer model (hurray for theft!) which arrived on Friday afternoon. You know how dads get when they've got a new piece of gadgetry to spend hours messing about with and trying to impress the female (aka, unimpressed) members of the family. All excited he was!

Charlie, however, not so much. Charlie says that Canon is just not the way forward, that if he could have chosen a new digital camera, he would have gone for the next mega pixel up with better zoom capabilities. Better still, Charlie suggested finding the little rascals who stole it and chewing up their most recently 'acquired' mobile phone! See how they like it!

Then he demonstrated exactly how he'd chew on a theiving chav's mobile phone...

...whilst at the same time ensuring that it is entirely theif-proof. ie. broken and unable to turn on.

Good stuff.


surviving myself said...

Well that was very considerate of Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is my new dog hero.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I'll pass on your compliments to considerate Charlie. He's just that sorta dog.


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