Friday, 8 August 2008

Today will be a constructive day

I'm not even going to sneak a look at the Jeremy Kyle show...promise...not even if I'm eating my breakfast in front of the telly and it "happens" to come on.

Mental, I got up at like 8am today (partly because the cleaner was up and banging about and dropping things. The sign of a lazy cleaner who doesn't take things off the shelf before attempting to clean it, if you ask me) and have already been super constructive.

Decided to actually not waste the £400 I spent on a feature writing course in mid June and actually, err, write some features. I'm thinking of doing one on work experience, pros, cons etc, how to make the most of it, etc, snooze, yawn, burp. I'm about to go to the library and have a sift through a press guide to get some inspiration. See? Constructive, if not all that interesting.

I've also been paid! (joke, I transferred some money from my savings account so it's a little bit like pay day for the self-unemployed) and need to get some bits for holiday (you may have missed the twitter updates on the joy of finding a cheap hotel in Athens NOT located on a side street occupied by prostitutes - all suggestions welcome) will attempt to do this on le cheapo today.

On the other hand I got a real craving for shoes last night and the ones I was looking at don't really fit with the whole on le cheapo idea...but there is every chance they will cure the feeling of utter uselessness I currently have residing within my largely inactive brain.

Onwards. And I'm not even being un-constructive by blogging, it's better to blog in the morning with what I'm going to do today, rather than later with all the things I didn't do.



Blue soup said...

I read an article yesterday in The Times Business section that related financial credit raters Standard & Poor's downgrading of ITV to "junk" to it showing crap like Jeremy Kyle.

As an aside, I agree with your theory that it's better to post in the morning with intentions rather than later with failings... but like a creative to-do list.

Hope you have a productive day:)

The IT Girl said...

You missed the Jeremy Kyle show this morning? NO! HOW COULD YOU?!

Then again it wasn't as good as it usually is. No slanging matches.

Oh God, what's happening to me? Must be more constructive on my days off...

Laser Runner said...

Don't buy shoes - you know it won't help.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Perhaps a cheap hotel in Athens NEAR the prostitutes is just the thing you need to write a feature piece on the pros/cons of budget travel. Then, if it’s published and it earns you a few quid, you can deduct the entire trip as a business expense! Just a thought.

Miss Understood said...

I always wanted to be a prostitute.

Miss Understood said...


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

blue soup - ITV is absolute junk. I can't remember the last quality tv programme I watched that came from them. It's just trash TV. Apart from Jezza, of course. He's highbrow viewage all the way.

it girl - I know, I know, but without the slanging matches it's no good. I hate it when he just does the reconciliation ones. snooze.

laser - I did and it helped! I was walking around with a massive grin for at least half an hour.

unbearable - you're a genius. I'm going to look for the dodgiest hotel in the worst district and write allllll about it. Might even get a flash of boob in the process...wooo!

Miss - I'm glad that career plan didn't happen for you. Although imagine the stories you'd have for your blog then! Actually, you probably wouldn't have a computer. Just a stash of crack for those lonely nights.


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