Friday, 29 August 2008

There's no A in team. Well, there is, but it's not the second letter.

Words are evading me this week.

All I want is to write one little article. A few hundred words of well thought out, interesting gumph that I can send off to a magazine which would settle my conscience and make me feel like I was actually doing something worth while with my free time. Unfortunately, my brain has other ideas.

I mean for gods sake, I can't even spell.

Last night I was round the Hoff's house with a few of our friends, one of whom is playing in a badminton tournament on Saturday. Three of us are going to watch and by way of support, had the bright idea of making ourselves highly embarrassing tshirts with TEAM [his surname] and then possibly something inappropriate yet witty underneath like 'LOVES THE (shuttle)COCK'.

Anyway so there we were, gold fabric paint at the ready, and I start work on the first word. TEAM. Spelt, last time I checked, T-E-A-M.

Reggie looked over. "Jo, what are you writing on yours? I thought you were writing TEAM?"
I was confused, what's this guy on? "I am writing TEAM, look!" I replied with furrowed brow.

All five of us looked. I was not writing TEAM.

"Not only is that definitely not TEAM, that is the widest bloody 'A' I've ever seen in my life. I thought you had an English degree?" laughed everyone including the neighbours and their dogs.
"Yep. And a masters."
"And a masters! Good work, English student"

After much discussion of what to do with the wayward 'TEAM', it was made into TAME. Which then became GAME. As in "Game, Roddick!". Then I drew a shuttlecock that was flying the wrong way.

At this point, I decided to share with the group about that time in second year at uni when I confidently assured my housemates during an episode of countdown that "Oh what! This should be easy, she's got practically all 24 letters of the alphabet up there"

The reply came quickly. "Jo, there's 26 letters in the alphabet"

Maybe I should re-evaluate my career prospects, as clearly things haven't changed.


Bec said...

I just snorted so hard tea flew out of my nose. Pure wonderful genius.

lapa said...

So words do come easy to you...
Still waiting for a visit of yours.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

bec - I'll take your snorting as a compliment. schnarrfff

lapa - only occasionally. when I switch brain on.

Cor, quiet around here lately, isn't it? In the words of that songwriter "Where have all the cowboys gone?"

Anonymous said...

If I'd been drinking tea when I read this, I'd also have snorted it out of my nose.

Classic! :D


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