Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I'm back with a bumpity bump

HULLOOO, anyone there? I'm BAACCK!

Obligatory holiday sunset photo... CHECK!

Slightly darker shade of white skin....CHECK!

Bag of smelly clothes to wash....CHECK!

More time spent horizontal than vertical... CHECK!

Devourment of every glossy magazine and celebrity weekly going, as well as two novels....CHECK!

The entire 9 days of relaxation rendered useless by one day of hellish journey home....Oh yeah, you guessed it...CHECK!

After a luuurvely 8 days sailing, sunning, drinking retsina and eating pitta bread, me, the boyfriend and his mum left the boat and the rest of his family in a port off the island of Ithaca at 6am yesterday morning.
Here is the journey in summary:

Ferry to Patra. Coach to Athens bus station. Bus to Omonia Square in the centre of Athens. Metro to a prettier area. Food. Attempt to put bags in locker. Fail. Hunt for trousers boyfriend wanted. Hunt for invisible market. Metro to airport. Plane to London. Shuttle bus to baggage reclaim. Shuttle to South Terminal. Gatwick Express to Victoria. Bus from Victoria to Wandsworth Bridge. Walk to boyfriend's house. Arrive & sleep 2am.

Here is the reality:
Such a long day spent in 40 degree heat with heavy bags, no food and dwindling patience was never going to be the ideal end to a holiday, but that's how it went. The fact is, if I'm tired, hungry and hot, I'm going to get grumpy. And feeling horrendously grumpy when accompanied by your boyfriend's mum is not the most ideal situation in the world either. I became racked by tiredness. Easyjet's seats offered no comfort on a three and a half hour night flight, and the only other option was to watch Kung Fu Panda on the fold down screen. I was reminded of how much Jack Black annoys me, chose to sleep, failed, and became horrendously grumpy again. We had to wait for my bag, and only my bag, as the other two had packed lightly and taken hand luggage whereas I'd chosen tweezers, scissors, full size moisturiser and a five pound surcharge instead. Cue more flared tempers and irritation on all sides as we tried to find a train or bus home. I buy a £17.90 Gatwick Express ticket thinking that's the plan. Apparently it's not, but now I've got one, the boyfriend and mum must follow suit too. Eek. I am sent temporarily to the doghouse.

Finally the three of us arrived home and fell into bed (not together, that would be very weird) and in the morning, when the boyfriend has gone to work after just 5 hours sleep, I check my emails. One is four days old and from an agency about a professional blogging job which they are recruiting for. Another is five days old and from my sister's company with a temporary vacancy they need to fill. I call both to enquire about the offers. Both are already taken.

I think I'd like to go back to Greece, please.


Robbie said...

Great sunset photo.
And I can imagine looking for an invisible market can be pretty hard work. Well done if you did find it.

I'm so glad I no longer have to do that whole "rushing to pack and get to airport run" after spening a week in a hot country.

I'd say "welcome back" but I don't know the correct phrase for someone else returning to different country..."Weclome there"

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Well, well. Back to earth are we? That “reality” portion of your post was very clever. Trying to make it look like it was a lot of work so we don’t become jealous enough to want to poke you in the eye. Welcome back to the ether.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Robbie - We didn't find it. Did find the trousers though after much hunting around. I hate the packing and leaving bit of holidays , it's the worst bit. You're on a permanent holiday now though, sort of!

unbearable - Yesss, yesss, ok so I had a lovely 9 days and one bad day...I had to find something to whinge about!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Is your boyfriend a mummy's boy? Come to the Congo next time and I'll get my females to sort her out for you.

Jo said...

I hate Reality, she's a real bitch...

weenie said...

Sorry to hear about the sour ending to what sounded like a fairly blissful holiday (the bf's mum???). Am sure there will be other job opportunities out there - good luck!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

haha you mentalists...we didn't go on holiday with my boyfriend's mum...we met his family out there and she came back on the same flight as us. You crazy cats.

lapa said...

Very nice spot, let me tell you.


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