Friday, 7 January 2011

Today is the day. Or rather, tonight is the night.

After months - actually, who am I kidding - years of parental rule, the time has come. Today I'm moving out of home, and into the financial strain of renting a flat in central London.

Unable to get the day off work, I have spent the day fielding phone calls from a rain-soaked, then excited, then organised, then increasingly bored Boyfriend, who has been bouncing around the flat since picking up the keys this morning. There was the call to say he'd got the keys, and was compiling an inventory with the clerk. Another to list every item on the list. A third call to tell me he was off to Sainsburys for essentials (sparkling vino, bacon, baked beans) and a forth to tell me he'd "christened the toilet".

Ta, love.

As UB delectably put it, it's been a 'slow motion car wreck' of a week, but you'll be marginally less entertained when you hear I woke up this morning feeling infinitely better. The flutter of nerves in my stomach has subsided, the arguments finally petered into excitement. And this afternoon came the best news of all - the old tenant had left us a bowl of onions in the fridge. Err, and the Boyfriend - after a worrisome week of no work - has been told to come back in for Monday. Phew. The onions were a bonus.

Typically, I'm having to stay late at work tonight. But with most of next week off to lug boxes n that, I'm sure there'll be time to give you a guided photo-tour of my one bedroom money-drainage scheme. Hold onto your hats.

And if you don't mind, I shall now allow myself a small, pre-emptive "Woop".


Anonymous said...

Well hurrah! I remember the first night I had in a flat just for me (ok, you have boyo there too, but it's as near as you'll ever get), and it was bloody brilliant.

When you get home at the end of a day, you can shut the door on the world and sit on your sofa eating pistachio nuts and watching BBC Three all night if you want to :)

I hope the actual move goes well - it's the worst part - and look forward to a nosy around!


jman said...

That's one small step for Jo, one large step for Jokind. Congrats and remember no one eats onions or garlic alone. It's the first rule of couples.

fwengebola said...

How exciting! Pictures please, because we're all a bit nosy like that.

Okay, I'm nosy.

Helen said...

Congrats! Having your own place is magical. Although the money drainage is epic. Enjoy! x

Ellie said...

woop. woohoo. woopdeedoo! I think I began reading your blog when you finished uni and moved back home ... things keep moving along! How long will your commute be?

Cynical Scribble said...


Hope the move goes well :)

Alexia said...

Aw, I miss London! Enjoy it for me!

Anonymous said...

Hope is went / is going as planned Jo :) In a few months time you'll wonder why it took you so long to move out!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

soup - I watched "My Super Sweet Sixteen" yesterday just because I could. And I went to the pub in the middle of the day. And I brought my duvet onto the sofa. Ahh, freedom.

jman - Garlic is plentiful and always shared in this place. Hurrah!

Fwenge - Soon come. Quite frankly, it's a mess at the mo.

Helen - I'm going to be skint allll the time, but it's worth it.

Ellie - For me it's about the same as from home, 40 minutes or so, but will be cheaper. for the boy it's a 20 minute walk, lucky scamp.

Cynical - Thanks, and hope Sydders is still keeping you happy!

Alexia - I'll be sure to.

Perp - Thanks! All went well with the move, although my calves are screaming from walking up so many stairs with boxes. Phew.


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