Friday, 14 January 2011

Bad things happen when I take time off work

This week has mostly been a holiday.

It was more revenge inspired than actually needing a break. With time off on Friday to get my flat keys and move in denied, I stuck out my petulant bottom lip and thought "Ha! Fine...I'm going to take Monday and Tuesday off the following week, then. In fact. Sod it. Throw in Wednesday too."

And so under the guise of 'unpacking', I sat on my arse all week and acclimatised myself to the wonder that is being 26, and living in my own place.

In celebration, I left my washing up in the sink...overnight. I took my king size duvet onto the sofa. I left empty water glasses scattered around the living room, and drank cider at inappropriate times of day. Without the internet to occupy me, I moved bookcases, stacked books according to size and attempted to untangle the atomic wire-bomb that has exploded behind the TV…before giving up and leaving it in a worse off state than when I started.

It was around that time that I stood up and bashed into a speaker, sending it flying into one of the Boyfriend's revered belongings. An item which happened to be a delicate, one-off, irreplaceable light fixture made entirely of glass, which I'd purposefully placed out of harms way while I celebrated my newly acquired OCD. After it made a rather cool 'thunk-pah' noise, the light shattered all over the carpet. I said "Oh shit, oh shit shit shit", then realised something else. In absence of a vacuum cleaner, each fragment of glass would have to be painstakingly swept up with a £1.99 dustpan and brush. Funtimes for me.

The best bit was definitely calling the Boyfriend at work and explaining I not only done a bad thing, but I done a bad thing to the one item of his that I'd expressed a dislike for not one day earlier. Eek indeed. (But also, in a little, tiny, hope-he-never-reads-this-way, problem solved).

So yesterday I went back to work.

Best for everyone, I think.


Anonymous said...

When I commented on your last post that it looks "smashing", that wasn't a suggestion for action...


Anonymous said...

I am concerned that it appears you have broken a lightsabre.

BAD. Very very bad. The Empire will now have to write strongly-worded letters of complaint to Ambassadors of evil forces since The Empire will now be unable to strike back.

I hope you're happy.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

It's a christening! This, in lieu of having a fireplace to throw a couple of champagne glasses into.

Ellie said...

Work has its purposes.

P said...

Oops. That's probably exactly the kind of thing I would do...

Anonymous said...


How did he take it?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

soup - Ah. My mistake. Must learn to read between the lines;)


Unbearable - If only the boy saw it that way :D

Ellie - Escaping explosions being one.

P - I did it instead.

Perp - He was pretty pissed off and will never, ever let me forget it, and has told all his work mates...but I think I'm forgiven. Just.


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