Wednesday, 24 November 2010

And then, things started to get a little bit scary.

With the Boyfriend's job situation looking more stable than earlier in
the week, today we went into negotiations on the flat.

After standing our ground, negotiating the rent price down and
eventually conceding to a measley £2.50 p/w above our budget, our
offer was put in and accepted.

Deposit is due to be paid tomorrow, and all being well with the
various checks and what-not, it'll be ours in January.

So kids, it looks like I'm finally moving out of home and headlong
into financial doom - although at least doom, in this case, is located
in a rather nice part of central London.

Goodbye frivolity, hello "Sorry, can't - I'm skint, rents due tomorrow
and I've got £1 in my account. But do you fancy a can of Strongbow on
the roof terrace?".

And that's all a bit scary for a Wednesday evening.

So on that note, I'm off Christmas shopping.



Anonymous said...


You'll be cursing yourself over that £2.50 in a few months when you're dying for a can of Strongbow ;)

Ellie said...

Great stuff. I remember starting to read your blog shortly after your finished uni and were back in with your parents. Seems a long time ago ... and this step a long time in the coming. Roll with it!

jman said...

One more step on the road to adulthood. It can be a scary thing at times even when it's simultaneously exhilarating! If it is not revealing more than you would care to, which part of Central London (always interested in how elastic those boundaries can be, especially to estate agents!)

Anonymous said...

You have a roof terrace?! Woo!

Congrats on the new pad - may the paperwork side of things go smoothly.

(The Designer would kill to have £1 in his bank account the day before rentday!)

Anonymous said...

A can of Strongbow! That's pushing it, it'll be a 4l bottle of supermarket super strength cider and you know it!

Congratulations, I think you were just at the point where you needed to find your own place.

Fen said...

Hooray! That's brilliant news. Having your own space again will be ace!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

cynical - Tell me about it. Show me the money!

Ellie - Yeah it's nice to see how things have progressed. Hopefully it will make me appreciate home / my parents a lot more too. I like rolling with it :)

jman- It's north of the river, zone one on the tube map. I'll leave you to guess!

soup - The roof terrace is what swung it for the extra money. The reasoning is that we have as many places as possible to storm off to when we argue. Haha!

Perp - Yeah, I think it's come at a good time. Sometimes there can be too many adults living in one house!

Fen - Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. Fingers crossed it all goes through.


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