Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Status: ongoing

Friday marks the end of my contract at the Company.

I've clung on for as long as I could. Unfortunately, the Sick Employee I'm covering for has now been deemed fit for work, which means my services are no longer required. Or, as I like to think after seeing an email stating 'we want to keep her' from a fellow colleague, can no longer be afforded by the department's shrinking budget.

Granted, work isn't a subject you can write about as freely these days, especially when your team is deeply embedded behind the scenes in an increasingly small online world. Although documenting my activities between the hours of 10 and 6 would make for very amusing reading (Oh, the emails I get. Oh, the confidentiality agreements), it would most likely lead to me getting unceremoniously fired at best, or at worst, lynched by the angry mob of google-happy, self-righteous and just plain odd people who crop up on a daily basis in my inbox.

Saying that, this is the first non-dogsbody job that I've actually enjoyed. And so last week I commenced the scrabbling for available vacancies elsewhere, in the hope that my days of carefree spending (reference: the nice big Whistles, Ollie & Nic and French Connection bags that came home with me after this weekend's shopping spree) will not be cut short.

An appropriate time, then, for The Travel Writer to make a surprise appearance. We've been out of contact since the conclusion of my internship (the conclusion being that I needed to earn money for my efforts, or at least a byline), and I left to go travelling. But last week, he got in touch with a news of a big project - and accompanying payment - that could well mean my first paid feature writing job is about to kick off.

So, to summarise: endings, beginnings and the never ending search for money. Just life ongoing then really, isn't it?


Blonde said...

Oooh, that sounds exciting. Fingers crossed...

AFC 30K said...

The contsant search for money; yep, that's what works all about in the end.

Mortgage, car payments, food, going out, nursery and school fees, kids shoes (don't even start me on how much it costs to clothe my daughter... and I thought wives were expensive)

Oh, and I've just spent nearly £500 on two new tyres for the car.

It just never stops.

Enjoy the money before commitment rears it's (expensive) head :-)

Anonymous said...

Ollie & Nic? Do I smell sale??

Brennig said...

What AFC 30K said. :)

not twitter said...

All good. Did I miss the dirt on the weekend or is that still to post? You know the one where you "accidentally" ditched your mates and went off with the boy...

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I love when stuff like that happens. I swear, you never know what's going to happen when you get out of bed in the morning. The phone rings unexpectedly and the next thing you know -- *snap* -- employment.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Blonde - Its a definite goer, just a matter of when I can start.

AFC - Oh, god. Now that IS a cheery outlook. I'm off to Selfridges to forget all about impending doom ;)

roseski - Yes you do. A very good one, too. I wanted two bags, but settled for one as they were both practically the same.

Brennig - ENOUGH! *weeps about getting older*

not twitter - Do you REALLY want the details on my weekend away with the boyfriend? Actually...need I ask? ;)

Unbearable - True true. Then an email arrives in your inbox after the phonecall, and poof...an interview on Friday (fact. seriously, I spend how many weeks actively applying for jobs, then I stop and get offered interviews without having to do anything except send my cv to an interested party. nuts)

Anonymous said...

What AFC & Bren said!


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