Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Continuing to live the dream, ish.

Today, I was sitting in my room with the Boyfriend. There we sat, working our way through each series of Entourage, when eventually the daily question of

"What do you want to do today?"

came up. That was followed by the familiar answer of,


Without dogs to walk (the Mother has returned from her Northern trip, thus relieving me of those particular duties), or money to spend (a trip to the cinema last night took care of that. Odeon, you thieving bastards) and crucially, without jobs, one might say that we were at two, rather lazy, loose ends.

So I took him home. We separated with good intentions. "I shall work on my CV!" we cried in unison, "Then we can get jobs!"

Instead, I drove home and ate pita bread with hummus. Then I went on Twitter. Then I remembered my CV was on my old laptop, brought that downstairs, realised that it's a huge, clunky machine which still makes the most infuriating, random clicking sound for no reason I can fathom, other than to piss me right off, and shut the lid.

Back on my trusty pint sized netbook, void of anything remotely useful unless masochistic beach photos are your bag, I began a futile job search. Futile because not only was I lacking a CV, but I didn't actually know what job I was looking for anyway. What with banning myself from getting a cosy admin job and everything, I've inadvertantly left myself rather few options.

"Let's start at the beginning" thought I, "imagine perfect job and work backwards from there". After a few minutes, it became clear that my perfect job was sitting in front of my laptop eating pita bread, writing the odd 140 character message and fielding phone calls from equally bored, yet employed, friends.

Either that, or doing what I've just been doing for the last eight months. Travelling, spending money on everything and nothing, occasionally writing about it. Ideally, getting paid.

Then I realised that actually, it's not that I can't think of a perfect job, or even a job that I'd put up with to earn a crust. Because travelling hasn't given me a magical career solution, it's just reminded me that you can live a bloody brilliant life when you don't have to work. Or perhaps, that you can be quite happy working in a less than wonderful job, as long as afterwards, you can have a beer in the sun.

So, in conclusion: Now I'm back in nice expensive London, one wonders what the upside to working here actually is.

Which, unfortunately, is really a bit of a problem. You know, because I'm in London and in need of a job, and have banned myself from the only one I'm actually qualified to do.

Luckily I have solved all these problems and more by getting a new phone (HTC Wildfire, arriving tomorrow), agreeing to help paint the Boy's bedroom and arranging various lunch dates for the coming week.

Procrastination for the nation. Yeaaaah.


roseski said...

My cousin spent the past two years editing a luxury travel magazine in Thailand... She's just transferred to Holland.
Want me to make some enquiries?

nuttycow said...

Hoorah for procrastination but sadly the dream has to end some time, doesn't it? Sooner or later you'll have to join us bored people in the real world where you can procrastinate and get paid for it!

London-Lass said...


Lift that self-imposed ban, Jo, you know it makes sense :)

Grump said...

Climb back on that Quarter horse, muck out a stable or two. And then have a beer in the shade of a gum tree, while you watch the sun go down.
The land down under. x

Ellie said...

Better to do tomorrow what you can do today!

Lindsey said...

I wish wish wish I didn't have to work. I'm with wonderful would it be to travel and write about it for a living. I type this from the outdoor patio of a hotel because I am currently on a vacation of sorts myself and am DREADING work Monday. But alas...bills must get paid.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Roseski - I'm a liability when it comes to career choices at the moment, and wouldn't want anyone to go to any trouble while I'm all unreliable and flaky and crap as i am right now. But thank you for the offer, I will keep it in mind for the future most definitely...

Nuttycow - It does indeed have to end, I'm finding it quite hard to get out of the non-working loop. But it must be done ...

Londonlass - I'm closer to doing so than you think. It's just frustrating.

Grump - Tempted by that as well. Australia is definitely top of the places should relocation ever come into it.

Lindsey - Exactly! I know it's such a pipe dream, but bloody love thinking about how easy life would be without work. You'd have nothing and everything simultaneously.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Ellie - Spoken like a true procrastinator!


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