Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Prep work

With the Boyfriend’s arrival now just two weeks away, there are serious preparations happening on this side of the world. There’s the requisite trimming, waxing, shaving and plucking, the hard skin and nail filing, moisturising and tan optimising and of course, planning on when to do what. Red patches thanks to a last minute wax / stubble legs will not be a goer. Most importantly, there's the ‘what to wear’ debate, currently a hot topic with my recent travel buddies.

“Lingerie!” piped up Miss Nashville, “Just a coat with some hot lingerie underneath!”

“Love, the only coat-like clothing I currently own is a hoody. I’m not wearing just a hoody.”

“Ok, well underneath everything then. Look! There’s Adult World! Come on!” she replied, dragging me towards a cracked, seedy looking place across the road.

“Nashville!” I said, disengaging from her grip, “Crotchless panties are not flight friendly underwear, and suspenders will set the metal detectors off. I’m not getting frisked at the airport with a basque on.”

See, my plane arrives into Sydney airport half an hour after his. Therefore, my outfit will have to be Boyfriend and three-hour-flight appropriate. Basically, I can't risk getting caught in my trackkies by the baggage claim. I want to breeze through arrivals and into his arms looking…relaxed (a few G&Ts courtesy of Emirates should see to that), refreshed and most of all, ‘God damn, that girl who I haven’t seen for 5 months is soooo bloody’ sexy. It’s a shame I’ve only got a backpack full of grubby jeans, flip flops and beach dresses to work with.

And so the preparation continues. A list of things to collect from home has been issued (“Any letters. But nothing from the bank”), a nice boutique hotel has been booked our first two nights. Excitement abounds, although nervous thoughts tinker on the edge of my mind when I wonder what lies ahead. But as an email containing a link to the Kurt Geiger online sale popped into my inbox, along with the words ‘You’re missing out. Let me know if you want anything x’, I know that one thing’s for sure:

After five months of pining, longing and waiting; there will be high heels.


Anonymous said...

ugh, you make me feel ill....in a lovely jealous but happy for you way x

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I'm glad to hear about your abounding excitement. When that abates, you've got real problems. I clicked on the Kurt Geiger link. Shoes. I. Don't. Get it.

Blue soup said...

Well, how about a nice dress and no knickers?

Security won't frisk you under your clothes even if the metal detector goes off so you won't blush there.

You can tell boy you're pantless and just watch his face.

AFC 30K said...

I have to say that, from a blokes perspective, then it's got to be a short skirt (not too short) vest top and heeled sandals. After all it is a hot climate.

As for lingerie it would have to be a matching set.

After that it's words and actions that make the event.

Blonde said...

WHAT an email. That one's a keeper.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

PJB - Ah, your time will come again too. Book a round the world trip. Worked for me.

Unbearable - You and many other males I know. Fortunately, I have found someone who does get it :D

Blue soup - Sterling idea. Seriously. Will run it by the girls at my end, you could be onto a winner.

AFC - Ah see, I'd love to turn up in a pair of heels but they're not part of my current backpacker wardrobe. Can Flip flops or converse be sexy, I wonder.

Blonde - Isn't it just? My reply was along the lines of 'Best...boyfriend...everrrr'.

Anonymous said...

Pant-less is a brilliant idea. I hope your hotel is really close to the airport!

rachel said...

Offering to buy shoes. Perfect man surely?


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