Monday, 23 November 2009


Having spent Friday and much of Saturday feeling all rubbish n that, I decided to sort myself out. Tomorrow I am meeting a bus at 7am in the city centre, which will deliver me to various locations up Australia's west coast.

I quickly realised that a 7am meeting means a pre-6am start, and most importantly, the maiden voyage of The Backpack. See, the Boyfriend carried it to check in at Heathrow. I then took it off the baggage belt and onto a trolley in Perth. Someone else picked it up, put it in a car, drove it to a house and brought it into my room, where it has laid open mouthed on the floor in various states of disarray ever since. Backpacking so far has been really rather easy on the back. In fact, all I've done, really, is packing.

Well, that's about to change. Tonight I zipped everything up and put a 70 litre virtual landmass the size of China on my back. Checking my reflection was a mistake really; I could have done without knowing that I'll resemble a knackered, grumpy, hot (someone flicked the switch from 25 degree spring to 35 degree summer today), sweaty obese hunchback tortoise when I walk to the station tomorrow morning.

And ah, yes...tonight's other point of contention. The walking bit. I tried to get away with the alternative until the Boyfriend set me straight. Apparently getting a $26 taxi to the meeting point instead of a $1 train, does not constitute backpacking or sit pretty with my favourite B word: "Budget".

Bloody backpacking. I emailed, minutes after cancelling the taxi. I'll be sending you my massage bill.


gl0ria said...

you just reminded me of my backpacking hell of some years ago... there is an UP side though. Your back will be so strong and look all toned etc after a while.


smidge said...

I did the east coast with a wheely case, bugger backpacking.

Bender's Better Brother said...

I never ventured bigger than a 65L backpack based on the knowledge that it fucking hurt to carry it about and anything bigger would lead to me becoming a hunchback. Also, if it takes the scale over 20kilos you don't need it.
Never pack anything you can easily borrow or blag.

Grump said...

By the time you read these comments your back and shoulders will be aching, but you will feel pounds lighter.
Now you are travelling I hope all goes well.
Mark x

Elaine said...

You should strap it to a skateboard, or something...or do what smidge did.

I think I'd get the taxi!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Gloria - That's what I'm hoping for. Toned legs.

Smidge - Hmmm...think I'd prefer a backpack...

Benders - True that. My bags big but it's a good one with lots of compartments. And its not even completely full (yet). I'm glad I packed relatively lightly.

Grump - Thanks!

Elaine - I was told off for trying to get a taxi. I did the backpacker thing and survived (and saved $26)


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