Saturday, 1 August 2009

Charlie says "-nothing-" to Home Delivery Network

Let's have a catch up, remember this?

Okiedoke. Now remember the whole "Oh, shizzz, how I hate staying in all day for the delivery person to arrive?" on Friday? Well, the doorbell never rung. This complaint letter I sent last night pretty much covers the reasons, I think.

Sent: Fri 31/07/2009 19:20
To: home delivery network
Subject: Complaint


I would like to complain about one of your drivers who clearly has an issue with delivering parcels to our house.

Earlier this month (4/5th July), my sister ordered an item from Argos and gave instructions for delivery: if no one was in, the parcel was to be left behind the side gate down the left hand side of the house. The driver turned up, went down the right hand side of the house, then when my mum answered the door, she saw a man coming up from the right hand side. My dog (a Labrador) was then let out, ran up to him and began barking, as he does when a stranger is on the property. Instead of the driver explaining who he was and why he was there to my mum, who was still standing at the door, the driver ran into his van and drove away. A later phone call to the HDNL revealed that the note on the system read “customer refused delivery”.

This week, I ordered some items from Amazon and an attempted delivery card was left on 30th July 2009. That evening, I called the number and arranged for delivery to happen the next day (31st July). I stayed in all day waiting for the package. It didn’t turn up. At 6:15pm I called the helpline and discovered that the package was at the depot, on hold. It was then noted that the reason for non-delivery today was “Dangerous dog running loose at the front of the property”. Again, I have been in all day, no delivery has been attempted, no delivery card was left, and my dogs – two Labradors (not your stereotypical breed of dangerous dog) – have not been anywhere near the front of the house. Let alone ‘running loose’ outside. After a bit of detective work, the advisor discovered it was the same driver who had attempted delivery at the beginning of the month.

Whilst I understand that people will have a fear of dogs, we are talking about Labradors here. Part and parcel (excuse the pun) of being a home delivery driver is making deliveries to customers’ homes, some of whom will have dogs. To do this, you must actually go to the door, ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer. Your driver has, on two occasions now, failed to follow these basic requirements. Yes, our dog that ran out on the 2nd July is protective (by barking) when he sees a strange man rifling around near the cars on the right hand side of our house. But if the stranger then reveals who he is and why he is there, or better still, waits at the door for someone to answer before running off, the person who has opened the door can easily call him back. Or, as is usual practice in our house, not let him out in the first place. My dog, like many other dogs, tends to bark when people come to the house. He is not “dangerous”.

The main issue here is my current delivery which I will now not have until Monday (unless of course, delivery or even turning up at my house is again hindered by my so-called ‘dangerous’ Labrador) and any future deliveries that Amazon will subcontract out to the Home Delivery Network. Will we continue to have this same, inconvenient, irritating problem every time? If your driver is so frightened of dogs that he cannot make, or even attempt deliveries to certain houses, this is not my problem. This is something you need to deal with so that I, the customer, can receive my Amazon package on time, without delay and on a day (as time cannot be specified) that suits me.

The details for the parcel and driver are as follows:


I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible on this matter.

Kind regards,

Complaint Letter Extraordinaire.

Seriously. These people amaze me.

Terrifying, isn't he?


Huw said...

That delivery man sounds sweet.

James said...

I am full of dogs right now, two more than normal that we're looking after. God help any deliverymen that come knocking.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I got nipped by a German Sheppard once. Sorry, but if I hear a barking dog, I'm outta there. Package or no package.

Al said...

wow, your dog looks so threatening... massive teeth, drool everywhere...

I hope you get something good out of that complaint letter!!

I cant beleive after the drama you had last time its all happened again!

update us with what pathetic excuse the driver uses to get out of trouble.

Ellie said...

Did you include that photo with the letter of complaint?

Nicely composed.

I have about 4 letters of complaint to draft. Should I subcontract them to you?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Huw - Adorable, isn't he?

James - Haha, yeah and this delivery man was just pissed off about the one dog!

Unbearable - Like I said, I get that people are scared of dogs. But then don't be a postman / delivery driver where you have to deal with approaching strangers' houses (and their dogs) on a daily basis. Or else, follow instructions and know your left and right. Or even better...come to the house in the first place.

Al - It's pretty unbelievable. If you think he's scary, you should see the other one. She'd lick you to death.

Ellie - Ha, my mum read it and said she's got one to write and would I do it for her. Do you think I'm stumbling on a career option here? I didn't include the photo, although did consider it.

smidge said...

Brilliant just brilliant, your dog looks like his just wants a cuddle :)

Anonymous said...

Charlie looks like he'd drool someone to death :)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Smidge - A cuddle and a nice, meaty lump of flesh from your leg / arm / head, apparently.

Perp - He might bat you with his rather large paw, but thats about as violent as he gets.

Nat said...

I like your email. Hope your package arrives soon then.

Anonymous said...

that is a rather splendid complaint letter - funny, firm and friendly :)

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

Loving your style.

We also have the same problem with inept delivery drivers and our office address. There have been many e-mails penned (by way of complaint) but would actually truly love to get on the phone and yell at them that they're a "useless bunch of ars*holes".

Also dog very cute in the pic - woof, woof! By way of exchange have included this link for your delectation :-->

Fenz said...

ha ha can't wait to see if they reply!!
Gorgeous dog.


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