Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Promo ho

Last night in exchange for unrestricted access to the Island Records 50th anniversary festival at the Shepherds Bush Empire, I pimped myself in the foyer for two hours handing out copies of the anniversary booklet as people came in.

We had 15 boxes of the little bastards to shift, so I engaged my happy public facing smile and greeted all those coming through the doors with a cheery "Hello there! Would you like one of these?" and shoved a booklet towards them. Some were grateful and thankful for the free gift. Some wanted to know how much I was selling them for (CHA CHING!). Others just glanced my way with a sort of scowling frown, as if I was trying to sell crack to their 13 year old daughter. Some just ignored me altogether (their loss. It was a good booklet).

What I really got from those hours spent in the foyer was two things.

1. The queue for guestlist will always be longer than the one for those with paying tickets.

2. The firm knowledge that British people will never be happy. You can give them free entry to an event which costs anything up to £45 a ticket, you can give them good seats to an evening of bubbling reggae beats and legendary acts like Grace Jones and Tinchy Strider...but ask them to queue up for the pleasure, and what do you get?

"TUT. URRGHH. OHHH. You mean that's the queue for guestlist? URGH. URRRGH. MEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." *flick of the hair* "For gods sake. Well that's just utterly ridiculous. TUT. URGGGHHH" *flounce*

What! You mean your free tickets don't get you in quicker than those who have PAID?

Cor blimey. There's truly no justice in this world.


Laura Jane Williams said...

People are just rude. Fact.

fwengebola said...

I'm one of them. On the plus side, I was about a brisk 20 minute walk away.
Wait, that's not good.

Ellie said...

I love the annoyed flicking of the hair. Hrmmph.

Brennig said...

Yeah I hate people. All of them. Except for you of course. And a couple of others. :-)

All Mod Cons said...

Sweeeeeet effort! Got any free jobbies for the Weller night?! I'll queue from last week without moaning! My Island 50th Anniv. CD has been ordered, not out until the 1st June but I've paid for why isn't it here before the release date! Pshhhh!

Mouldy-Old-Tartlet said...

I think most people arent just rude, but rather thick too.

PS : Fact!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Laura - Exactly!

Fwenge - You were one of the rude people scowling at me? HUURRUMPH!

Ellie - So did I. It was a classic :D

Brennig - Oh, you. You spoil me you do.

All Mod - It was just a favour for that night I'm afraid! I'm sure they were selling CDs at the gig...

MOT - Haha. You speaketh the trutheth.

BlackLOG said...
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BlackLOG said...
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BlackLOG said...

The problem with cheap or even free things is that people don't think they are worth anything. I guess it's a snob value thing
I was talking to a Canadian golfer once (I would not have been in the conversation if I had known that he was a golfer or Canadian for that matter) and he told me about a local Golf course (At this point I was not interested and was desperately trying to back out of the conversation) . Apparently this local town had spent a fortune creating it in order to attract lots of visitors. According to the CG it was a fantastic course. The town councillors decided to keep the green fees low to attract lots of customers. Hardly anyone turned up. The course was on the verge of bankruptcy when one of the councillors suggested hiking up the prices. After they all stopped laughing they tried it and soon had Golfers beating the doors down to pack over the odds to follow a little white ball for four hours. It would seem that In the small and narrow minds of golfers the more you pay the better the experience. I guess it is also why expensive but not always superior brands do so well......"Oh that's cheap it must be rubbish".


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